Trainer Comments

CJMD Academy offers a solid training in pedagogical methods and industry skills and industry knowledge along with great energy and enthusiasm of the principal and her teaching team. Cameron-Jane introduced several new collaborations/projects that are now a part of the curriculum.

Cameron-Jane and her team bring exciting new ideas to life; I’m confident that Cameron jane will continue her momentum in the future.

The principal Cameron-Jane as well as her teachers impress me with their commitment to lifelong learning and their outstanding industry skills and industry knowledge.

Students successfully collaborated with their teachers/mentors, they take advantage of several professional development opportunities offered at the college. Lots of former students have been able to kick start their career whilst still at college. We are very proud of all the outstanding students that become amazing artists and followed a national and international career.

Cameron-Jane also went out of her way to implement exciting industry collaborations with Laud Magazine and Lita Magazine. No other college provides such important and interesting experience for their students. These publications are a jumping point for our young up and coming artists.

Its Cameron-Janes commitment to growth and her student’s well-being that makes her outstanding educator who empowers her pupils.

Sandra Wograndl

CJMD is by far the number one makeup college in Sydney. I have recently become a trainer at the academy after working in the industry for over 15 years and it’s the only institution I would consider being affiliated with.

CJMD is unique in many ways. The trainers work in all facets of the industry and are experts in their fields. Amongst us all is a wealth of knowledge and industry experience that is not found elsewhere. Trainers working within the industry as well as teaching at the academy means that CJMD is up to date and relevant as far as what is happening currently in the industry. The students have a variety of trainers which ensures them a well-rounded education with maximum input from industry leaders.

CJMD offers incredible industry opportunities to students, including work experience on large scale productions, and assisting leading makeup artists on photoshoots and other jobs. The students also partake in professional photoshoots, which not only builds experience but helps build their portfolios. The academy strives to get the students published in magazines which help boost and cement their profiles and placement within the industry.

CJMD is a professional, modern and cutting edge learning environment and in my opinion is by far the leading makeup academy Australia wide, and I am honoured to call myself a CJMD trainer.

Cat Smith

Cameron-Jane has always designed her courses specifically with the future of our makeup artists in mind and the professional growth of the industry in Australia and aboard. Cameron has always brought great energy and enthusiasm into CJMD. She is always introducing new projects as part of the curriculum and inventing and reinventing fundamental techniques. Cameron brings exciting new ideas to life; and continues this momentum throughout the year.

Cameron also impresses us with her innovative commitment to lifelong learning. Her successful collaboration with magazines has allowed publication of students high end editorial works, she takes advantage of professional development opportunities offered in the district, she targets personal use classes and teenage courses focusing on their individual requirement’s, she keeps up to date and on point with all social media trends and advancements and always gives out of her way to elicit feedback from her students and staff inviting them to share their experiences, ideas and thoughts. It’s this commitment to growth and her students’ future well-being that makes Cameron an outstanding RTO who empowers her pupils and staff.

Cameron is charismatic and creative, and she thinks outside the box. She leads by example and is excellent to learn from in and out of a classroom along with having great management skills and excellent support staff by her side. Cameron’s rapport with staff, students, colleges and parents is characterised by mutual respect and lifelong support.

I look forward to hearing about the Academy’s future accomplishments as Cameron’s engagement with high calibre Australian and international trainers help deliver current industry training and provide brilliant work experience and job placement programs to assist the students on their path which I think is invaluable to the future success of their careers.

Grace Vinelli

CJMD was the first makeup academy I heard about from professionals in the industry, upon my arrival into Australia over four years ago from Paris. CJMD was presented to me as an institution that offered support and a network for Australian makeup artists.
Students are provided access to education with trainers and makeup artists currently working in the industry that have several years of experience. In the past two years current and past students have assisted me on several projects including Sydney Mardi Gras parade, video tutorials for Manicare Australia, One Fine Day runway, the IMATS trade show and corporate events. I immediately recognised students from the academy for their level of professionalism, makeup technical skills and enthusiasm. It was a pleasure and a stress relief to have students from the academy as I knew I would never be disappointed by their work. Professionally I have met many makeup artists currently working who are past graduates from the academy.
Commencing January 2018 I had the pleasure to commence working as a casual trainer for CJMD. This granted me access to the procedures, training programs, facilities and philosophy of the academy. Students receive education from only the best educators because all trainers are selected to teach within their area of specialisation. The course outline is clearly written and each trainer is invited to demonstrate and teach their own techniques. As a makeup artist, I believe there is a thousand ways to do makeup to achieve one result. Cameron-Jane with a large team of trainers provides students the opportunities to access a wide range of techniques.
Communication between staff members, students and trainers is encouraged and even as a casual trainer I quickly felt to be part of the tea,. This communication also reflects in the students behaviour. Whilst teaching at CJMD I have found the students to e greatly motived by their career and to have a mature outlook.
Students are also provided with access to work with professional models and see their work published in Australian magazines. Images produced by students are of current industry level and suitable for a professional portfolio. This is an exclusive opportunity for them to create and showcase their work before the end of the training program.
Masterclasses and guest speakers are also offered to the students during the course and after their graduation. This industry is continuously evolving and I feel it is extremely important, as an artist, to keep up to date with the latest makeup trends and techniques, which CJMD exceeds at.
Charlotte Ravet

CJMD is leading education in the beauty industry!
The academy features specialist trainers with years of experience in their field giving the students a variety of industry knowledge and skill.
CJMD outlines the importance of all aspects that are in the industry, from building your own business to understanding the history of makeup and how you can modernise these looks today.
As one of the trainers I can say that we are constantly working on our own portfolios developing new creative content domestically and internationally, which ensures the students are constantly up to date with current trends and learning new tips and tricks of the trade.

CJMD has created a foundation for the students to work in the best working environment with all modern makeup stations, natural light, professional equipment and materials giving the students the opportunity to use the best product that the industry has to offer. Along with this, Cameron strives to give the students published work in a magazine which will build their network, branding and portfolio, something that is very unique!

With her attention to detail, passion and dedication deserves the appropriate recognition and I am honoured to be a part of an academy which sets high standards for its students and trainers alike.
Teneille Sorgiovanni

Cameron’s Academy is unique in this field of education because Cameron is always striving for herself and the tutors to achieve a high level of work as educators. Ensuring we as ‘tutors’ go above and beyond to encourage the students to push the boundaries and develop their skills beyond their comfort level.
The trainers all work in the industry and have the skills and knowledge of what it takes to keep on trend, build a rapport and this in turns allows the students to respect all trainers’ knowledge and advice the students receive. The students learn not only skills but how and what they need to do to achieve their goals and dreams to break into the industry.
The students have a great opportunity to do a photographic shoot with some of the best photographers in our industry. This helps the students produce high quality on trend photos for their portfolio and allows the students to stand out in the industry with an amazing portfolio. Cameron always ensures the students are producing their best work and with the help of the tutor’s guidance.
Cameron has a great success with the students producing amazing work for their portfolio and the students have the opportunity for their work to go into the latest magazines which allows thousands of people to see their artistry skills and helps the student’s branch into the industry with outstanding work.
The students are provided with work experience. Permitting them to work in a variety of jobs whether its backstage for a show, TV commercials or assisting at a wedding. The work experiences enable the students to learn on the job and help develop their skills. Allowing the students to grasp what its like at the job and what is involved. Work experience is a huge importance to CJMD as it helps the students develop communication skills and patience while building a rapport with clients. The experience helps the students understand what is hard work and what really goes on in our industry with day to day duties. When the students leave the academy, there are no hidden surprises when they get out into the industry.
Cameron always takes pride in her academy and that’s why as Tutors we love working with her. We know that the level of high standards will always be achieved.

Hayley Fyn

I have been a makeup artist for over ten years and an educator for over the last six years. Prior to my employment as CJMD I have had graduates work for me that have exceptional skills, attitude and a passion for the makeup industry. I have further been to numerous industry workshops such as Roashar and Becca Gilmartin’ s book launch at the academy which were of great success and a testament to Cameron-Jane’s collaborative effort to be at the forefront of education not only to emerging makeup artists but also the upskilling of established artists.

Since working for CJMD I have been nothing short of impressed with the organisational skills in delivering current and relevant information through the manuals, assessments and course structure. This is aided by strong communication between staff and trainer creating a sense of community and motivating environment.

The work experience opportunities are competitive and career building and the fact the students work is published in the best local magazines is a unique opportunity only Cameron-Jane students have so conveniently available to them.

CJMD provides a unique and invaluable experience to it’s students and staff, constantly encouraging professional development. Through continuous development, mentoring and career building opportunity some of the industries best are coming out of this esteemed college.

I feel blessed to be a part of such an influential institute that prides itself on quality, current education, as a reflection through everything from the kits, the establishment, the selection of trainers,  to the work experience offered and down to the high-quality work being published in Laud  and Lita Magazine. There is no denying it is at the forefront of makeup education in Australia.

Chereine Waddell

I believe CJMD is at the forefront of professional accredited makeup courses. Having been a trainer at the academy for over 4 years, their detailed curriculum and updated training packages ensure students are obtaining the most current knowledge and on hands practical in the industry.

The academy holds an esteem variety of trainers brining their expertise which assist each student finding their strength and niche ranging from fashion, special effects, film and tv, special occasion, bridal, hairstyling and theatre.

As a trainer, I love that there is constant work experience opportunities for the students. This is vital for skill development, growth and understanding the ins and outs of the industry.

As a makeup artist always on the lookout for dedicated and talented makeup assistants, assisting various trainers enables the students to build confidence and a higher quality skill level.

At the end of the course, students have the opportunity to experience a professional photoshoot with a professional photographer, stylist and model and their work to be published. To me, this is outstanding! For a student to leave makeup college with published work and professional images to start their portfolio is one of the utmost tools to begin their career.

Cameron’s passion for helping others and seeing students reach their full potential is one of the many qualities I love about her. Cameron is constantly interacting with students, teaching in class and sharing years of experience and knowledge. She sincerely wants each student to be in the best learning environment there is.

As a whole, CJMD is an institution that embodies everything an accredited college should be – current, passionate and elite.

Kristyan Low


I would like to give my view as a freelance trainer at Cameron Jane Makeup Design, 505 Pitt Street Sydney NSW.

Cameron Jane runs a tight ship, she is dedicated to all her students and their wellbeing, she follows their journey from beginning to end individually, ending up with great results.

As I am a freelance makeup and hair stylist I work in all facets of our industry. I often use the students of Cameron Jane Makeup Design as assistants to help me on photo shoots or weddings, I have found these students to be exceptionally well trained and of great assistance when I have a full work load. They are an asset to anyone needing an extra hand in the industry.

Cameron Jane has an abundance of work experience for the students to partake in, this is very beneficial for the students to feel secure in future job offers.

Cameron Jane unlike most colleges offers professional photoshoots for the students to build their portfolio, also a must for this industry, Cameron collaborates with industry magazines and creates fantastic story boards for the students to participate in.
This also gives the students confidence for future employment.

I would highly recommend Cameron Jane Makeup Design to anyone wanting to be a part of the makeup industry, as this fully qualified Diploma Course does not compare
with any others.


Miriam van Cooten

Over the years I have worked for Cameron-Jane as a tutor on a freelance basis and have watched her professional influence and
creative ability with her students in producing makeup and hair artists who have gained the confidence and knowledge
to set up a small business for themselves.

Through a wide range of industry affiliated work experience that is offered to the students as part of their commitment to the course that they are undertaking, I found myself in a position to offer also work experience associated to my own areas of expertise mainly theatre.

There is always a professionalism that the students take with themselves when on a set or backstage which has always been a reflection of the training.

Helen Stronach-Thatcher

My name is Martin Bray; I am a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist in the Australian and International marketplace of industry for close to 20 years. During that time I have been involved with Cameron Jane Make-Up Design for many years a resident trainer and now a guest lecturer when I return to Australia from Spain.
I am the Creative Director of makeup for some major Australian annual events such as Mardi Gras Festival, Australia X-Factor and Pacha Sydney. Each year I contact Cameron Jane Make-Up Design to source graduate students and current students to assist as I know the level of training at the academy is to the standard I require for my team. The academy handles my requests with sourcing students to the ability I require, promptly and efficiently. The students understand how to present themselves for the role, deal with clients appropriately and carry out the tasks presented to them as directed under my supervision.
At the present time I have put together a makeup team in Sydney of 5 artists and two of those artists on my full time team are Cameron-Jane Makeup Design graduates.
Cameron is very passionate about her academy and her students and the results speak for themselves.
I would highly recommend this academy to any aspiring makeup artist.
Martin Bray

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Cameron for many years and over that time I have taught at her college and have worked with her on films and other events outside of the college .To this day I still come in-between films and Television productions to teach at Cameron-Jane Make-Up Design Academy.

I have always found Cameron motivating, inspirational, and an absolute credit to the industry. She is the backbone to our craft with her teachings at the Academy.

I’ve used many of her students on work experience and even after they have completed their qualification. I have always found Cameron to be on the forefront of what is going on with education and I see this in her students.

I have looked to Cameron over these years as a mentor for advise and I truly believe she is one of the reasons of my success in the industry.

Cameron is always looking for ways to excel in her training for the students each year ensuring they are up-do-date with trends and products.

She is truly a credit to the Australian makeup industry.

Best regards
Sheldon Wade

I graduated from CMJD back in 2009 with no clue to what I was getting myself into.

I had not worn makeup, not even really thought about it, let alone taking makeup artistry up as a career. It was purely by chance that I ended up there, and it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had to this day.

Cameron Jane Makeup Design is a wonderful school and has always had great trainers sharing their skills and knowledge with those eager to learn. I don’t think I would still be doing makeup if it wasn’t for their support and guidance.

I have had a fair amount of what I consider to be success in my 7 years out of college.

I got a job in cosmetic retail through the school whilst I was still a student and spent 5 years working for Bobbi Brown. I became a freelance artist about 1.5 years ago and have learnt so much from others.

I started off assisting Martin Bray who was one of my trainers, and now I am lucky enough to work at Pacha and X-factor as part of his team. These are just some of the wonderful opportunities that have come my way, and it all started in a classroom at CJMD.

Cameron is always there for her students when they need her, not only during their course but for many years that follow. She is dedicated to see them succeed and gives so much opportunity to learn, network and build a career through the countless available hours of work experience and the wonderful variety of trainers.

It is so rewarding to see students become my work colleagues and have the same drive to succeed and build a career that I have.

I am so grateful that this lost 21yr old who hadn’t worn a scrap of makeup in her life, somehow ended up at CJMD, and fell in love with makeup, so much that 7 years later I am now proud to be part of their education team.

Thank you Cameron Jane, and all the artists who have given me a little part of themselves so that I can be the confident and passionate artist I am today.



Marija Milisavljevic