Student’s comments

I am so glad that I took the plunge and followed my dream of getting into makeup.

The 5 week Bridal Course is a great introduction for anyone wanting to test the waters. The Course covered must know theory from Skin Types, Face Shapes and Colour theory as well as techniques, tips and tricks that come in handy when applying makeup on others.

The teachers were all experienced and provided insight into all areas of the makeup industry, not just bridal, not to mention they had some great product recommendations.

The class itself was manageable alongside a 9 to 5 office job, and was filled with likeminded people who supported and encouraged each other.

If you put in the work you do get a lot out of the 5 weeks, keeping in contact with students and teachers has also meant that I have gained some real life experience since completing the course.

Liz B

I am so happy back in 2015 I chose Cameron Jane Make up academy the trainers were amazing. I learnt a lot of techniques there that helped me to get a great job with YSL cosmetics. Thank you Cameron and everyone in there!

Diana R

I was lucky enough to be chosen as the winner for the Cameron Jane Christmas competition in 2016 and graduate from a cert II course in August 2017, my time there was great I learnt so much and loved all my trainers they were all so supportive and knowledgeable and now upon leaving I’m successful in a freelance business all thanks to cjmd.

Kirsten P

I am only a few weeks into the course and already I am mindblown by how much I have learnt. The CJMD team make every student feel like they matter. They have a way of pulling out the potential in each individual and getting them prepared for the industry. Cameron herself has a honesty about her that pushes her students to achieve more than what they had originally planned for. I am more driven and inspired than ever before! If you want an edge above other make-up schools, there is no better place to learn than Cameron Jane Make-Up Design!

Krishelle G

What can I say about my experience? It was LIFE CHANGING! Thanks to my hard work and to the academy now I am able to do what I love full time!
From the first time I met Cam I knew she would be the best person to mentor and guide me in this Journey. I fell in love with Cam because of her passion. Her passion to help and educate her students, to help them grow and to provide them with the best training, work opportunities and support. That’s what you’re looking for when choosing where to study.

At CJMD the teaching method is great! Very ‘hands on’! With every lesson we get to learn the technique, practice on each other and get feedback from our trainers. Cam always makes sure we get honest and helpful feedback which is so helpful for our personal and professional growth.

Speaking of training, we have some of the best trainers at CJMD. Every single one of them is very experienced, currently working and well established in the industry. Each trainer has a different style and work in different fields in the beauty industry ( eg fashion, tv/film, bridal, theatre, etc) bringing to class a diverse set of skills. It was very inspiring learning their technique but also more about their stories. Our trainers were always open to have conversations about their experience and give us their best advice including Cameron herself being available not only at the academy but also outside even after graduation.

One of my favourite things about CJMD is work experience! There are just a lot of opportunities, some of the best in comparison to other makeup schools. I graduated with 700+ hours of work experience , assisting jobs and paid work some of them being Mercedez Benz Fashion Week, X- Factor Australia, AACTA Awards, Cosmo Australia, John Frieda, SportsGirl, Telstra, Michael Hill, Aveda, CEO Awards Night, Commonwealth Awards, One Fine Day, Bridal Expo, Hair Expo, Premiers Gala Concert, IFBB Australia, Channel 9, Schick, IMATS, Pacha Sydney, Whitehouse Fashion Show, Sydney Dance Company, Uber, INXS 40th Anniversary Celebration, Merivale Awards Night, Whitehouse In Colour, short film “First Day” for ABC, the Dolan Warren Awards, music video ‘Ain’t your Girl’ for Beats ( semi-finalist on X-Factor) and many more… I have also graduated with a published work on Lita Magazine and can’t stress how important this was to my career. My first advertising job was even before I finished my Diploma, it was a photoshoot for Polasports Eyewear in collaboration with Beau Ryan, who helped them launch their new collection. This all shows that with passion, hard work , knowledge and support from CJMD nothing can stop you to be nothing but brilliant !

I consider myself already very successful as a full time freelancer Makeup-Artist, I have my own bridal business that keeps me very busy, but also currently working in the Fashion Industry with many amazing creatives and brands such as Glue, JD Sports and Kappa. Slowly but surely I am becoming the best Makeup- Artist I can be and I am excited to see what the future holds for me.
Big thanks to Cameron and all my amazing trainers! You all played an important part in my journey and success.

Elisa F

I absolutely loved my time there and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to get hands on experience and learn from the best in the industry. Cameron Jane supplies the students with a range of work experience in every area of the makeup industry. I was able to complete over double the recommend 250 hours and learnt so many things that you can’t learn in the classroom. This helped for an easier transition from the classroom to the industry.

Our class was given the opportunity to collaborate with Lita Magazine for our Diploma photo shoot. This was amazing experience as we had our work published and we got to see what it was like being on a professional photo shoot. It also taught us how to properly present our concept to the Editor of the magazine.

Through this shoot I made a connection with Heidi, who is the editor of Lita Magazine and through working with her for a few month she gave me the position with the magazine as Beauty Editor. This has brought opportunities to work with amazing brands and people and later this year to travel overseas to do makeup. I would not be where I am today without the knowledge and support from Cameron Jane and the many extremely talented trainers.

Keli S

Cameron Jane Academy was known to be one of the best academies in the makeup industry. I was very fortunate to study my Diploma and graduate in 2017. Cameron Jane made me feel very welcomed with my first interview. I was very happy & comfortable knowing I was going to be taught from some of the best teachers in the makeup industry.

My experience with Cameron Jane Academy wasn’t just a makeup course with a Diploma at the end, it was Twelve months of building friendships with makeup artist trainers, enrolled students, pro makeup artist industries and many talented makeup professionals who have all given a tremendous amount of skills and professional training as a makeup artist.

Work experience with some of the best makeup artists and well known models on runways and photo shoots was definitely a highlight of being at Cameron Jane Academy. I’ve had such amazing opportunities and one of those being able to shoot with the amazing Laud magazine, This photo shoot has definitely opened up my confidence and helped me a lot, being able to see my work edited and on stunning models really makes me realise how lucky I am to be studying at a college like this, I was so happy with my Laud shoot and so proud of how it turned out, Looking at my photos from the start of the year compared to my Laud shoot has really shown me how much I have grown as a makeup artist and I’m excited to look back at my Laud shoot and hopefully in the future be able show that I have grown and expanded even more from where I am now.

Looking back on my progress has been very rewarding. Cameron has also given me the opportunity to keep in contact for future work experience and on going makeup artist employment opportunities well after I’ve graduated from the academy. Cameron Jane has shown so much guidance throughout my Diploma studies and has also continued to do so.

My Diploma qualification at Cameron Jane Academy has given me so many work opportunities. I’m currently working at Sephora and also doing freelance makeup on the side, along with each and every day new paths and opportunities coming my way.

I’m proud of all the photos of my makeup artistry work that I took throughout my diploma. My photos have been an added bonus towards social media and creating a profile for my career ahead. My photos of my work have shown me just how far I’ve come and what I’ve visually been able to produce throughout my Diploma. I’m proud to say that I’ve become confident and knowledgeable in the makeup artistry industry and it’s all due to Cameron Janes amazing academy and staff.

Cameron herself from my first interview to the first day I started made it clear how strongly passionate she was about her girls and helping us to be able to thrive in creativity, be confident in any situation, show our best work at every opportunity she threw at us and most of all in the end be able to show how far we’ve come in just a year and be able to say that we have became a better more stronger and confident version of yourself.

I cannot thank Cameron Jane enough for her guidance throughout 2017 and believing in me that I could do it, I’m so happy to say that I’ve been able to complete my diploma in specialised makeup and been given the most amazing opportunities and career paths thrown at me all thanks to Cameron Jane. I wouldn’t be where I am today and have the knowledge I have without Cameron and her amazing college.

Jade H

I could not recommend Cameron-Jane Makeup Design enough. My overall experience was incredible, and the trainers had an amazing amount of knowledge and tips and tricks for doing makeup and when we are out in the real world. Cameron Jane presented us with many work experiences opportunities like working along side trainer Cat Smith on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, assisting Sarah Laidlaw and many other amazing opportunities. We were also given amazing opportunities to shoot for Laud Magazine and to build up our portfolio and excel our skills. My time at Cameron Jane was fantastic, I learnt so much about Makeup, and to become a successful makeup artist. Thanks to Cameron Jane, I now have a job at Mecca Maxima as a Colour Specialist.

Ellie M

My name is Christina  and I graduated from Cameron Jane Makeup Design 2016.

Being a part of the Cameron Jane Makeup course was one of the best experiences. As I was going into the course I had my doubts, was makeup for me?,  I had studied hairdressing a one year course before and had left knowing nothing I was scared if this would happen again. But as soon as I started at Cameron Jane Makeup Design I was shocked to learn how Cameron Jane wanted us to succeed and that she would do anything for her girls.

She motivated us everyday!

We grew to be a family the girls that I’ve met through this course are my closest friends today which was a bonus.

I learnt so much from this course and I got amazing work experience from it such as working on One Fine Day, The Bridal Expo and even a music video.

Thanks to Cameron Jane I’m now a published makeup artist!

Since leaving Cameron Jane I now freelance and I’m working in the bridal industry and my clientele is growing everyday.

Studying at Cameron Jane has helped me grow into the best makeup artist I can be. It has helped having educators that care for you even when you have left the course.

The educators at Cameron Jane Makeup Design have kept in contact with me  and still bringing me along on work experience jobs, so I do feel like I’m still learning even after the course is finished.

The experience I have had with them has helped me in my career today.

Christina C


My experience at Cameron Jane makeup design was memorable to say the least. I know I do not stand alone when I say that it is a highly professional and educational collage exploding with creativity and passion. Cameron herself made sure she got to know each student individually, making their voices heard and encouraging them to pursue their dreams. While at this collage I felt comfortable and accepted as no idea went unnoticed, rather it was challenged in order for it to be the best it could be.

The teaching style for CJMD is one of the things I enjoyed most. As a very ‘hands on’ learner and easily distracted, having a multitude of trainers, who also were well established within the makeup industry, really made learning different. Each trainer had a different style and something else to bring to each class, as well as exploring all the different styles of makeup artistry. I also loved that the teaching style wasn’t just out of a text book, we followed curriculum, but the trainers were all able to apply it to the industry to give us first-hand knowledge and experience.

As students there, we were extremely privileged to have Cameron herself go out of her way to have professionally shot photographs, with professional models, to start to build up a portfolio. We were giving a very vague brief to make sure we could let our own styles shine through in our work and be able to create and experiment with a photoshoot environment and learn first-hand about it, as well as gaining professional images to start a portfolio. For our final work for the year Cameron orgainised and paid for herself not one, but two photoshoots. One being for LITA magazine, having our work published on a full page and our own editorial story. And the second being a ‘Freak show’ themed SPFX shoot, giving us full creative direction.

Work experience is also such an amazing part of the course as it is so abundantly available to students. Many people calling in for shoots, plays, productions, short films and the list goes on. Many of the trainers also take girls on to assist them, which is also extremely generous. The support network there is incredible too, especially asking about getting into the industry or even for retail artist jobs. Cameron Jane Makeup Design wants the best for its students and makes sure they do everything within their power to get them to where they want to be.

For me, I am slowly but surely starting my journey into the industry. Having only just turned 19, I’m still learning about starting my own business and what I need to do. With my qualifications behind me, I feel totally prepared and confident in my skills that I can do it. I’m applying for MAC cosmetics and other retail jobs and keeping my main goal in mind. For this year anyway, I’m planning to do work experience assisting in bridal, special occasion/event makeup, fashion, editorial and even advertising, while I save up to move to London, whether it be through an agency or a retail transfer. I have done some work in advertising so far for ‘Smiths Chips’ and ‘Fisherman’s Friend” companies, I’ve been a part of the filming of a new movie that will be picked up by Hoyts called ‘Chasing Comets’. I also was working at MECCA MAXIMA at the end of 2016 as a Christmas casual.

Without Cameron Jane Makeup Design I would never have had the confidence, let alone the skills and knowledge to be where I am today.

Celine R


In 2016 I completed my Diploma of specialist makeup services at Cameron Jane Makeup Design. I’m so glad I chose Cameron Jane, no other director would have put in as much hard work and dedication to her students.

Cameron’s courses are all thoughtfully laid out ensuring we learn the most we can, with hand written books and the only the very best trainers chosen to teach areas they specialize in.

Cameron always made us feel very welcome by always remembering our names and what we want to do, constantly pushing us in the right direction.

She also secured us amazing work experiences, such as the Sydney Bridal Expo, plays at Enmore theatre, short films and exciting shoots. Cameron also offers photoshoots at the end of every certificate with professional photographer Carlo Fernandes and professional models.

Thanks to Cameron my entire Diploma class are now all published makeup artists.

Since leaving Cameron Jane I feel confident to take on an Makeup job, I now freelance as much as I can and assist amazing artists I’ve met through going to Cameron Jane Makeup Design.

Amanda S


Enrolling into the Cameron Jane Makeup Design Academy is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. I truly believe that there is no option greater than that of CJMD for studying and building a career in Make-up, in Sydney. Cameron, Principle of the Academy and Jodie, Course and Training Co-Ordinator work relentlessly to provide the very best for their students and are constantly finding ways to improve the experience of each and every person who attends.

For myself, as well as my 2016 Diploma Class graduates, Cameron scored an editorial spread in Lita Magazine, where we each got to collaborate with a high-end Photographer, top agency represented Models, Hairstylists, and an industry professional Stylist to tie it all together. I will never forget how it felt to see my work and my name published, a dream I have had for as long as I can remember, one that I thought may never even come true, but it did, thanks to CJMD.

The staff are exceptional. Not only are they incredibly talented at what they do, they are encouraging and supportive in all aspects. Many of the trainers take students on as assistants during and after the course, to provide us with something you can’t receive in any classroom, industry experience.

Since graduating, I have continued to gain industry experience by assisting Agency represented Artists and have been collaborating and doing test shoots with other creatives to build my portfolio and support network. All of which was made possible by Cameron Jane Makeup Deign.

Alexandra L

My experience at CJMD is one that I will value in my career. From someone who is a qualified hairdresser that had no make up experience, I learnt fast and absorbed so much information about the various areas in the make up industry as there is more to it than being a glamour make up artist. Our trainers were highly experienced and full of tips and tricks that will stick with you forever. You don’t just learn about the practical side, you also learn about the history of make up and how to establish yourself as a professional which will help expand your knowledge and creativity.

To be able to get pushed to start your portfolio will force you to think where you want to be in your career. To be able start early and have that stepping stool to showcase your work is a great help to prove that you are a professional. What other school can get you a published page of your work in an established magazine? CJMD gave my class the opportunity to not only collaborate with LAUD Magazine but to also be guided by well respected individuals in the industry such as Becca Gil Martin, Thom Kerr and Iggy Rosales.

CJMD is a well respected Make Up Academy in the industry which means it is well trusted by established artists and business’ to take a young talent on board for work or assistance. It is a great way to connect with other artists for further work opportunities in the future and you gain more knowledge about the industry.

I was able to have confidence in seeking freelancing opportunities for work in hair and makeup. I was able to assist other artists knowing that I had the skills and that I will be learning more after I had finished my diploma. I worked at blow dry bar where they allowed to be a hair and make up artist. I’ve had opportunities to assist Iggy Rosales with more shoots with Laud Magazine and brand shoots. I was able to assist one of my trainers, Teneille Sorgiovanni, in a Top Shop campaign and she had the confidence in me to help with the hair. I was able to assist other trainers and artists with weddings and shows while I build my own portfolio as an artist. Without CJMD, I don’t think I would have known where to start or who to contact and be who I want to be as an individual.

Elyssa C 


“I could not recommend Cameron Jane Makeup Design enough. From the very start and my first interview with Cam, she gave me a sense of direction and gave me guidance with what course would best suit me.
Coming from a rural town into the city I was nervous and anxious, but looking back I wouldn’t have had it any other way, words can’t describe what an amazing experience I had at Cameron Jane!
You create such amazing friendships with other students, ones that will last a lifetime!
The trainers are so incredible, they bring amazing energy to class and are very approachable and helpful, they take the time to make sure you perfect and understand every little aspect of each subject.
You receive that one on one help and guidance that truly helped me grow as a student and gave me that extra bit of belief that I had potential!
The Cameron Jane family if definitely one that I won’t forget and that I’m super proud that I’m apart of the CJ family.”
Sally B

“Just completed my studies at CJMD and I am so happy that I chose to do my studies here, had different trainers with years and years of experience which gave us the opportunity to learn so many different techniques. I felt like I had made my own little family at Cameron Jane and i will be forever grateful.”
Kyla P


My name is Jasmine Abdallaoui and I graduated from Cameron Jane Makeup Design in Feb 2015 for the CUF40407 Certificate IV in Makeup.

My experience at CJMD was nothing but positive. It was the foundation that has given me the confidence and valuable skill set to become a successful makeup artist. Cameron made an extra effort with each student to identify their need to develop them for a challenging industry.

Cameron Jane Makeup Design offers multiple trainers that are experienced artists and experts in the industry. The tutors were experience, encouraging and always supportive but also pushed and motivated me to find myself as an artist.

CJMD provides a professional photoshoot at the end of our course to start our portfolio. This creates a professional starting point for your portfolio which then you can build on.

CJMD provides regular work experience opportunities working with professionals in the industry. This was a huge factor in my development as an artist as it gave me the industry experience and contacts to work in the industry.

Half way through my Cert IV I started working at Mecca Cosmetics and without CJMD retail cosmetics subjects in my course I would not have had the knowledge or experience to apply for a job. I worked at Mecca Cosmetica for over two years and left as one of their lead artists and part of the events team.

After graduating I have gone on to starting my career in the freelance world. With regular editorial clients such as Women’s Weekly Magazine, Weight Watchers Magazine, Campaigns for designers KITX and Blessed Are the Meek, working alongside International Artists from NARS and assisting at NYFW 2016.

Jasmine A


As a Cameron Jane graduate and a qualified makeup artist and hair stylist I aim to be the best artist I can be and push myself towards new and exciting things in the future. My goal is to grow my freelance business and to form a strong client basis as well as working and assisting on jobs with more advanced makeup artists in order to gain knowledge and strive for excellence in the industry. I don’t believe in limiting myself in this industry and will take on as many opportunities in as many different areas as possible to further my skills and training. Since graduating from Cameron Jane Makeup Design I have been assisting with well known artists Miriam Van Cooten and Martin Bray, who are also trainers at the college. Without the opportunities that Cameron Jane provides I would not have the opportunities within the industry that I have today. I have just been employed onto the Sephora Team at the Pitt St Mall store and am excited to start my journey with them and gain more knowledge of products and application as well as dealing with many customers each day.

CJMD provided a high quality education and many opportunities within the industry while studying. Each trainer brought a diverse set of skills in their specified field to help us gain as much knowledge as possible and build up our own skills and talents. They encouraged us to strive for greatness and gave us guidance in a positive and constructive way. Work experience opportunities were always exciting and different and gave us the chance to display our newly learnt skills and talents outside of the classroom environment and give us a small taste of what being a makeup artist is all about.

Rebecca M


“Amazing school, I was trained with an amazing group of girls and trained by the best teachers in the business!
I would do it all over again – 10/5 stars if I could!”
Ricci-Lee F

“I studied at Cameron jane and absolutely loved it!! I now use the students for work experience as I know Cameron never leaves a leaf unturned when it comes to make up!!”
Natalie T

“I studied at Cameron Jane academy back in 2009. My mentors and Cameron became part of my extended family to this day. Highly recommend any future makeup artists to study there!!!”
Mark B

“Did the personal use makeup course, learnt so many great techniques and personal advice.”
Amiee M

“I couldn’t ask for a better learning environment, trainers, mentors and support system. I will forever be grateful for my time at Cameron Jane.”
Stephanie C


“I studied at my Certificate 4 at Cameron Jane Make-Up Design and was so glad I did! Cameron is such an amazing teacher, so passionate and caring. I instantly felt that becoming a working make up artist was achievable. She not only provides truly talented trainers who are a top of their careers but the irreplaceable opportunity to experience the industry through incredible work placements. These work experiences provide contacts and further networking opportunities. Throughout my learning experience, I always felt supported and encouraged by Cameron and am very grateful to both her and her team. I am sure I would never be where I am today without the dedication and professionalism shown by Cameron. She is an amazing educator and great mentor and I am so happy that I was able to learn from her.”
Nicola B

“Hello Cam!
Hope everything’s well in your world!
I just wanted to shoot through a quick thank you for absolutely everything. I really appreciate all the opportunists CJMD gave me and couldn’t be happier with everything I learnt through through the college.
Things are slowly taking off with more and more weddings being booked. I got booked for my first destination wedding in Hamilton Island coming up early December! Very excited.
It’s funny how things have turned out, bridal was the one thing I was quite skeptical about and wasn’t too keen on, now it’s all I really want to do!”

Nicole R

Hi Cam,

I just wanted to shoot you a quick thank you for all that you taught me as I’ve been a bit reflective heading into what I feel is the next step in my make-up life.  Your frank feedback, good instructors and work experience helped me with the skills that have helped me to transition into a film career.

Last week I was booked as the Key Make-up Assistant for the feature film The 9th Life of Louis Drax for the duration of its production. I’m super excited because two of the main actors are Aaron Paul and Jamie Dornan.

I also just finished up on a series for the CBC, day-called for a show that will air on the Sci-fi network and have worked in a webseries that was nominated for an award.

I just wanted to let you know how much I value your place in my evolution!


Amber C

“Cameron doesn’t just lend her name to a teaching facility, she takes an active day to day involvement and personal commitment toward creating a rich learning environment with great facilities. She has sourced some of the most talented and passionate Artists, who share their knowledge with the students and nurture them within an otherwise competitive industry. The facilities at the College are excellent, as are the opportunities for work experience, networking and career advancement beyond the course”

 Mel D

“Cameron gives out 110% to ensure student succeed in the make up industry with great success by exposing them to variety type of work experience, industry networking, high teaching standard and professional make up artists. Students working in the industry as a professional make up artist after they completed the course in no time because of her endless effort. … You Rock Cameron!!!

Michelle L

“When I attended the open day the first thing I noticed about Cameron was her passion and enthusiasm. She loves what she does! She is committed to ensuring you have every opportunity to succeed. This is shown through everything including the amazing trainers offered, our hand chosen kits and the industry work experience that is sourced and offered to us. There can be no better place to train as a make-up artist!

Thanks Cam!”Chloe T

“Since starting this course, I have noticed a positive change in myself. It has brought so many exciting options and career paths for me to discover, and I have met some really great people. The trainers are fantastic and a real inspiration

Emma M

“My experience with Cameron- Jane make-up Academy has exceeded all my expectations of the necessary training and support needed for me to build a career. This course has allowed me to increase my skills and knowledge to above industry standard. The course delivers a very wide and diverse range of subjects and industry experts that has allowed me to broaden my understanding of the industry, increasing my confidence. Preparing me for my successful career.”

Yasmin O

“Since starting my studies at CJMD I’ve been impressed by the effort staff make to get you experience in the industry. They make sure promises made to you at course commencement are delivered.”

“Cameron provides her students with the best. Through work experience, students are exposed to industry standards, and they have the opportunity to learn from different people in various fields of the industry,build their own confidence and gain the experience needed to become a good makeup artist. The trainers are very talented and well known make up artists working in the industry. They not only provide students with the knowledge needed to make it as a makeup artist, but also inspire student and help them to achieve the best they can and realise their own potential. CJMD has been a fantastic experience. I’d like to thank Cameron and all the trainers and staff for teaching us the skills needed to become a makeup artist and allowing us to assist them, and also helping many of us get jobs in the industry.

Thank you a for a fun and exciting year and for all your support”

Marija M