The Secrets to a Successful Make-Up Artist

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Knowledge of the Industry

At Cameron Jane Make up Design (CJMD) our academy provides immense knowledge about the makeup industry through the trainers and Freelance Agency. From the very beginning of the courses, the students are given experience hands on in all areas of the makeup industry. Students of our academy are provided knowledgeable inputs about makeup, which enables them to concentrate on perfecting their skills to match the high standards of the industry.

The students receive a certificate from our academy that recognises their skills and talent. The certificate also helps the students to succeed in their chosen area of the industry. The student not only gains the skills required to work as a professional Make-up Artist but to succeed in their chosen area of the makeup industry of Sydney.

Versatility In Training

Cameron works with in demand and highly qualified trainers of Sydney to ensure that they stay up-to-date with the trends of the makeup industry. To ensure versatility in application of makeup techniques and in training methods, each class is provided with a variety of trainers who have their own unique style of teaching different courses. The individual style of students is encouraged to develop and come out to establish a unique style of makeup.

Creativity In Application

The creative and highly skilled makeup artist requires different types of artistic techniques such as drawing, shading and highlighting. These are some skills which are perfected over the duration of the courses. Expert team of our academy provides excellent training to develop and discover creativity in application of skill of the students. With a perfect combination of these proven methods of extensive colour theory, special effects and airbrush techniques, there will be no limits to your creativity and success.


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