Notes of Appreciation

10th January 2019

HUGE thank you to all the beautiful energy and asssistance you 3 brought to the project yesterday.

You OBVIOUSLY have all had AMAZING instruction and I am SO HAPPY i reached out to the school for help yesterday. I couldn’t have done it the same without you ladies and your attentive and enthusiastic helping hands and spirits. I am forever grateful.

Thank you Cameron for creating a school that is so next level. I can’t wait to come visit and share knowledge with more of your students some day.

Ashley Joy Beck

Makeup Artist

29th November 2018
Dear Jodie,
The Fashion Runway went very well.

It’s always a pleasure to work with you and your students….. Each time you have all been so professional and easy to work with…and show a real appreciation of the work of our Design students and their Hair and make-up requests.
Could you please pass on our sincere thanks to all your students who participated in the event….they contribute so much to its success.
Connie Hart - Sydney Campus Manager
Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia

26th November 2018

I can not be more impressed and grateful with the level of energy, communication,  professionalism, friendliness, expertise and skill that these 18 girls provided to the NSW premiere of Disney’s Tarzan.  There is no way we would have staged this production without them. This phenomenal standard of young women was not unnoticed by anyone on our crew and cast.

 Chrissy Stimson – President SYMT

17th September 2018

Just a quick note to say a massive thank you for being my makeup and hair rock stars!! U rised up and did an amazing job everyone’s so happy with our work and how it all looked! So well done to u for being such hard workers and creating magic!

 Liz Sharp

5th July 2018

Just wanted to say a huge Thankyou again for helping me out with the Intimo Show.

You were all very efficient with the short amount of time we had, couldn’t have done it without you all. Keep up the amazing work!

 Teneille Sorgiovanni

4th July 2018

Many thanks to Cameron Jane for supplying the attending students their help was invaluable, I hope that they all came away with something.

Tracey – TEDX

25th June 2018

I had the pleasure of working with students from CJMD on a community theatre project I was involved in. Not only were they punctual and professional, they took direction well, showed initiative and produced a very high standard of work. Their contribution to the project gave the show a professional look and was a huge confidence boost to the cast.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with CJMD students again and wish them all the best for their careers in the makeup industry.

Clark Sheedy

4th June 2018

Regina was a serious gem to have on set  and we’d love to use her again, hopefully paid! She was just so ontop of everything, really professional and I loved her style. She took super well to direction and responded so well to the brief! Thanks again for putting her in touch with me!

Brooke - 3rd Space


24th April 2018

We had a pretty disorganised and rushed shoot set up for a new blog we are creating. Thankfully we had Alyce and Darlly from Cameron Jane offer their time to come help. They were so easy to deal with – funny, personable and skilled at fulfilling the brief we provided. The girls even stepped up and held a baby and wiped away the inevitable baby vomit so that the photographer and ‘talent’ could stay focused and clean!

One of the girls being shot was too scared to trust student make up artists with her face but after seeing them work and seeing their results has said next time she will request the girls specifically to help ‘beat her face’. Such a great find. We couldn’t have done this shoot without the girls.

Mai Kanhukamwe

24th April 2018

As always, Cameron Jane artists were professional, they worked tirelessly and followed the brief provided. They are a real pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with you in the near future again.

Anica - NSW finals for Miss Teen Australia 

20th April 2018

Some jobs require a larger number of makeup artists and hairstylist, and that’s when I do reach out to CJMD for their student’s help. From assisting on weddings or beauty shoots to working independently in the team on big productions students of CJMD proved their professionalism and great work ethic.

As I have taught at CJMD myself, I am familiar with CJMD’s approach to the industry and the methodology and ethics being thought. One of the rare advantages these emerging artists receive through the study at CJMD is their exposure to industry professionals. The constantly changing team of lecturers from the industry introducing their individual experience and uptake in the industry not only equips the students with a broad skill set but also help them with placements once they graduate.

The students of CJMD can execute task and brief given as well as to jump onto a brand new task which requires them to learn on the go. They also exhibit qualities of industry professionals such as politeness, punctuality and good manners.

I need to mention that the staff and the course coordinator in particular of CJMD are super easy to communicate with and always happy to help wherever they can.

Having students of CJMD in my team means that I don’t have to worry and to know that the job will be delivered to my customer’s and client’s satisfaction.

Petr Vackar – PV Hair and Makeup

15th April 2018

“This year is the 5th time in row I had the great opportunity to work with Cameron Jane Makeup Design..We had an absolutely fantastic experience with the student makeup artists from Cameron Jane. Not only were they were terrifically skilled, they were friendly, professional and easy to work with. I would absolutely use them again.I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making the Make up aspect of MISS/MRS/MR India Australia 2018 a  big success it was great to see all the beautiful colourful and joy once it all came together. I really appreciate all of you coming yesterday and giving your time to do make up for all.” Thank You.

Reena - MISS/MRS/MR India Australia 2018

4th April 2018

We had an absolutely fantastic experience with the student makeup artists from Cameron Jane. Not only were they were terrifically skilled, they were friendly, professional and easy to work with. I would absolutely use them again.

Kaila - SingularityU Australia Summit

2nd April 2018

The students were absolutely amazing. They were on time, happy, friendly and hard working. It was such a pleasure to have them and it really helped out our school on such a busy day.

Thanks again for helping us out, it is greatly appreciated and hopefully we can do it again next year.

 St Mark’s Easter Fete – Bree

20th March 2018

Hi All,

I just wanted to send you an email saying thank you to you all for your services on Friday morning and my apologies I wasn’t able to say thank you on the day to you all.

It is a huge event which comes together with the help of our volunteers on the day. Having their hair and make-up done gets them ready and in the mood for a great day!

Thank you all for taking time out of your days and doing such an amazing job on all our volunteers for the event. They looked very fresh and definitely suited the Hamptons theme.

Thank you,


PIF Charity Sailing Regatta 

20th March 2018

As a producer / director there are times you are doing a shoot that gives the opportunity for a current student or recent graduate of a makeup school to provide the service you need.  I contacted Cameron Jane Makeup with such a job, typically short notice and in the January holidays.  The school responded directly to my request putting it out to there students as an opportunity.  Within minutes my email box was busy with students / graduates keen to work.   After checking availabilities of those who responded Katie got the work. Katie was professional in all her communications, on-time for the three days of the shoot, worked to production schedule having all talent ready when needed. Katie had a dialogue with me as the director on what look I was after and then got on with doing just that.  This level of enthusiasm and professionalism only comes from a great training that gives students the confidence to go out into the work force, to act in a professional manner and to deliver what thy are trained for – great makeup.  I would use Cameron Jane Makeup students again without hesitation.

George Catsi



20th March 2018

On my last project I had Stacey Ann. She was really really good Makeup artist when talking about performance and the tidiness of her results. I would absolutely work with her again for my future project! Thank you for this opportunity Jodie!


Farissan Rahadian Danery



20th March 2018

I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making the fashion showcase segment of the festival a big success it was great to see all the beautiful colourful and joy once it all came together.

I really appreciate all of you coming last Saturday and giving your time to the showcase.

I just want to say that Cameron Jane Makeup students are one of the best,  makeup artist students i have worked with during my time in events and i know you all, will go further in life.

Once again, I am so appreciative of everyone’s support and commitment on the day.

Kind regards

Maame A

Afro Latino Festival 2018


12th March 2018

Good morning La Soiree 18 Backstage team!

On behalf of everyone at La Biosthetique I want to thank each one of you so much for all your hard work yesterday!

The event was such as success and the model runway show the highlight for sure! The hair, make up and styling was just breathtaking and how everyone worked as a team was just so wonderful. Everything was just so smooth sailing and the result was a stunning model showcase!

Alex Fuchs

La Biosthetique

6th Decemeber 2017

Hi Jodie,

I’m writing you this email to say a huge thank you for all your efforts in organising my one on one workshops last week. I was very impressed with the content that we covered, it was definitely everything I hoped for and more.

Please thank the amazing trainers for me especially Teneille and Kelly for their patience, for taking the time to thoroughly answer my numerous questions and for sharing all their incredible tips and tricks with me. Their friendly and bubbly personalities were contagious, they made the early wake up and the long day a lot easier to get through. Their knowledge and experiences are incredible and I can definitely say I’ve benefitted heaps from them.

My overall experience at the Cameron Jane Academy has been super fun, and full of learning. I walked away at the end of it highly motivated and excited to practice and implement what I learnt. I feel like I’m now a lot more confident and well equiped to start my freelance career. This experience definitely made travelling interstate worth it!

Marleine A.



9th August 2017

The work the artists did for our Charity ball was fantastic! I can’t speak highly enough of the artists from Cameron Jane Makeup Design. They were punctual, friendly, creative and so talented! They made the team look gorgeous. Thank you all so much.

Thanks Ashley

Property Industry Foundation



6th June 2017

Hi Jodie,

I wanted to follow up with regards to the four girls (Katie, Tamiris, Rebecca, and Ellie) that you booked for us from Cameron Jane to do makeup in our Pamper Lounge and Waverley Rugby Club’s annual Ladies Day. The girls were all absolutely amazing, extremely professional, prompt and on time, and did an excellent job on all the ladies attending the event. We received very positive feedback on all four girls and everyone was very impressed by their skills and techniques used during the makeovers.

To you four girls, thank you very much for your time and support on Saturday. You were unbelievable and we feel very lucky to have had you! We will absolutely be getting in touch for similar future events moving forward. Thanks for everything!
Warm regards,
Kaitlin Cathcart
Waverley Rugby Club Social Secretary

5th June 2017

The day was drama free. The students were great at helping make the women feel pampered on the day. They were enthusiastic and needed little direction in doing their thing.

 Cheers, Ben

Sydney Uni Baseball Club 



31st May 2017

We were absolutely thrilled to have a team from Cameron Jane Makeup Design assist us with our production of Shrek Jr. The girls were a pleasure to work with, and did amazing work, including painting a few people green (one in only minutes!), helping us to create a believable donkey, Pinocchio and Big Bad Wolf, and covering up extensive blemishes for some of our teens. The girls were always punctual, polite and helpful. We were so grateful to have their help and we would highly recommend their services, and definitely use them again!

Regards, Charisse Graber




30th May 2017

We have worked with Cameron Jane on number of occasions and each time the make up students were professional, prepared, well mannered and showed a great skill and expertise. I look forward to our future collaborations.


Anica Vuckovic Taione


Moda Management Pty Ltd & Style Academy Pty Ltd



24th May 2017

Dear Jodie,

Many thanks for your assistance with providing girls for our Ballet Concert  last Saturday.

They did a fantastic job!  neatly groomed and arrived on time.l would highly recommend them to any other person requiring costume makeup.

Elizabeth McGirr Ballet School


18th May 2017

Hi Jodie,

Thanks again to you, Cam and Cat for all your help with yesterday.  The team did an incredible job and their work was nothing short of superb!

Thanks again and look forward to working with you all again in the future.



MBFW 17 – Innovators – Fashion Design Studio


8th May 2017

Dear Cameron

I just wanted to email to thank you for encouraging your students to participate in the Easter Show. Quite a few of your students were involved. They were a pleasure to work with as well as being punctual, cooperative, and professional and very talented.

Charlotte – The Darnell Collection


29th November 2016

Thank you for supplying us your wonderful make up artists for Schools Spectacular . Please thank them all for their time and hard work. We had lovely Kelly, Jasmine, Jamie, and Rachael. Girls were very professional and well prepared.

Anica Vuckovic Taione


Moda Management Pty Ltd & Style Academy Pty Ltd


25th October 2016

Thank you so much for organising the girls for the weekend. They were all very professional, kind, friendly and demonstrated good training and skill in make up application. They worked as a team and definitely did Cameron Jane proud. It was beneficial to all of us and I will not hesitate to work with all of them again.

Thanks so much for helping me x
Liz Jones


20th October 2016

Hi Jodie,

The girls were brilliant thank you so much for arranging them, from what I heard they had a great time and enjoyed working with the talent. It’s been an amazing association with Cameron Jane we love working with you guys and your students are top notch.


Robyn Philpot
Manager – TDP Schools and Special Projects
Talent Development Project Foundation
International Screen Academy

17th October 2016

As an Area Manager for the luxury cosmetic brand Yves Saint Laurent we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and being one of the hottest brands in the market. I came to Cameron Jane Makeup Design in the search of Christmas casuals to help our brand during the busiest time of the year. The students that came from Cameron Jane to the group interview were professional, punctual and knowledgeable with a keen eye for makeup technique and trends. I know that in future if I am ever looking for up and coming makeup artist to help assist our brand I will be going straight to Cameron Jane Makeup Design.

Tess Harley Area Manager NSW, Yves Saint Laurent.

11th October 2016

“Students from the Cameron Jane makeup academy worked with us on our recent production of Seussical Jr. This involved creating detailed, theatrical makeup looks for our main cast of 30 students, as well as simple makeup for our chorus of 250 students. We were delighted with the number of students from the academy who attended each performance. They arrived promptly, working in with our tight schedule, and worked efficiently to ensure that all students had makeup applied in a timely manner.
The level of detail in the makeup work for the main cast was wonderful. The students followed the “look book” closely and I was very pleased with the results. The students from Cameron Jane packed and cleaned the area they had used quickly and thoroughly. I would recommend these students to any school or production company looking for quality theatrical makeup.”

Kind regards,
Kathryn Leech (Director)

1oth October 2016

Each and everyone is an asset to Cameron. Our whole team had such a great experience dealing with Cameron make up artists. They understood our requirements and delivered what we wanted. They were very well prepared,
Thank you for making MISS/MRS/MR INDIA AUSTRALIA such a special experience. I felt so beautiful for all our contestants in the makeup you and your team did, and was secure in the fact that it was going to last all day and night . I really enjoyed the change of look as well – people kept asking if I changed their dresses and make up altogether as your make up suited four different rounds on the night.
I was stupified by how stunning everyone looked! Thank you for helping the girls to feel as stunning as they all truly are.your team were so calm, relaxed and confident that this ensured that I felt confident too. I was thoroughly intrigued watching you create your magic on mine and everyone else’s faces.”
I definitely look forward to team up with you in future.
Reena Koak

19th September 2016

Hi Guys,

Cameron Jane make-up students collaborated with TONI&GUY Sydney School of Hairdressing and Pearsons School of Floristry to create a series of beautiful high fashion photographs. We had hoped that they would turn out well, but the end result was spectacular! The make-up students were very dedicated, collaborating with our students on a range of ideas in the weeks before the shoot. They were reliable, well-presented and able to conduct themselves with the professionalism required when working on a photographic shoot. The end result demonstrated their creativity and make-up skill. Well done!

Amy Morgan

RTO Compliance Manager, TONI&GUY Australia


1st Septemeber 2016

Hi Jodie,

Firstly, wow – the Cameron Jane students who visited us absolutely over delivered!

They were prompt, professional and prepared – we were absolutely thrilled with their work and their professionalism.

The girls were all on time – and were all polite, friendly and executed each look perfectly.

Our event was a corporate day, and our team even won best dressed – a testament to how fantastic the girls were.

A huge thank you all involved, we’d absolutely recommend Cameron Jane to others.


Campaign Development Manager 

Nova 969


31st August 2016

Hi Jodie,

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for helping in organising the girls for our event today.

They were all fabulous and very professional – all the hair looked great.

Thanks again,


Tomorrowland Group



15th May 2016

Grace not only applied beautiful makeup according to the brief but also assisted with hair styling, fashion styling and performed any small jobs that needed to be done on the day without being asked. She was such a great help! Grace was an absolute delight to work with. She was passionate, positive and motivated- ready to do anything. I would love to work with Grace again as not only were her skills in makeup artistry amazing but her willingness and passion shone through. I know she is going to make an excellent and professional makeup artist. Thank you very much for providing me with such a great artist!

Victoria McCall Design

15th May 2016
This was our 2nd year having CJMD make up artists and once again they were professional, keen, thoughtful and very good to have on the team for the photo shoot. We are looking forward to having CJMD students for our live show in early June.

Robyn Philpot 

Manager – TDP Schools and Special Projects

22nd April 2016

I loved having Kate assist me. Kate was very capable and I didn’t have to tell her what to do. I would love to have Kate assist me again in the future.
Marianna Grillo

19th April 2016

Dear Cameron & Miriam,

I’m writing to thank you for the incredible presentation on the run way that you did for Sydney Bridal expo on the weekend.

The makeup & hair was absolutely stunning and such an important component of our runway success.

Every Model looked amazing, your team of people were so professional and made such an enormous contribution.
In addition you made such an incredible impact at the VIP experience and made the whole experience for the customer so exciting.

Thank you so much for everything that you both did.
Graham Stroud

18th April 2016

I would like to thank you and Cameron Jane Make-Up Design on behalf of SAE and my crew for providing us with Elyssa and Michelle, they both went out of their way to make our production great!
Kind regards,


17th April 2016

Thank you for your help with this. We have the wonderful Erin Xu working with us on the show. She’s fantastic! We are so happy with her work and her commitment. She’ll be here for every performance. I’ll definitely be working with her again.

Thanks again
Epicentre Theatre Company’s production of ‘Rumors’

30th March 2016

Hello Jodie

They were all very professional, polite, friendly and competent.

I was extremely impressed with all the girls and wouldn’t hesitate to book or recommend them in the future.

Emily Malsen – Dots and Crosses


23rd February 2016

Hey Jodie,

Just wanted to send you an email to let you know how impressed we were with Jasmine and her work yesterday. Thank you so much for putting us in touch with her. In the meantime, here is the lookbook that Kristin Brett worked on. She also did a beautiful job, you have some very talented students!

Kind regards,

Claire Chesterton | Marketing Coordinator

4th February 2016

Hi Jodie

All girl’s at both events were fantastic!

“ I would like to thank Jodie from Cameron Jane Make- Up Academy for arranging the amazing Hair and Make-Up Artists for both the and National Finals in Sydney.

Not only were all the girl’s extremely professional, they also did a fantastic job and made all the finalists look stunning.”

Kind regards,
Grant Dwyer
Ad Pro Management

1st December 2015

To all at Cameron Jane who worked on the FDS runway show 2015 all the staff want to thank you for the amazing and wonderful job your crew did this year! Our models looked stunning and for many of them this was their first show.They were so excited!! And…they didn’t look 15 ! You are a great and supportive team to work with.Thank you for all your years of fantastic support!

Nicholas Huxley
Head Teacher – Fashion Design Studio

23rd November 2015

I would like to write and say thank you for being a part of the Face Fashion show.  I was so impressed with all of you!  You were on time, very professional throughout the whole day/ night and the make up was exactly what the designers wanted, so it was perfect- well done to everyone who was involved.

Backstage was absolutely crazy when the show started but all the girls held their composure and were great at doing all the touch ups.

If there are any other opportunities going forward I will let you know because I would use you all again without hesitation.

Warm regards

Kash - The Style Doctor

Stylist for Face Fashion Event


10th November 2015

Good afternoon Cameron,
Just wanted to send you a quick follow up email now that things are a bit less insane here at Luna, to say a massive thank you for everything that Cameron Jane Make Up Design contributed to our Halloscream event and thank you so much to you for coordinating everything. The staff absolutely loved getting all made up and have been raving about your students ever since, saying what a great job everyone did and how excellent it was for our guests to have everyone in the spirit of Halloween through costume and make up.

Also – The Mutant Beauty Salon went off! It was amazing that even at 10 o’clock at night, there were still people lining up to get their make-up done – what an achievement!
Kate Englefield
Creative Producer – Halloween
Luna Park Sydney Pty Limited


27th October 2015

Dear Cameron-Jane,

The images of the girls are great. I am very impressed with the quality of the makeup, also the quality of the photography is fantastic. When I zone in, I can see the makeup sit on the skin beautifully and there is no over done on retouching which what I REAL LOVE!

Well done team!
Sandy Luo
Development & Recruitment Manager

16th July 2015

Excellent services . Students were good and head make up artist managed everyone well.

Reena - Miss India Australia Corporation

13th July 2015

Can you please send my thanks to Georgia and Kristy for their spectacular work, professionalism and attitude! They did such a fantastic job and could not believe how well they went! I was absolutely amazed! I have no words to explain how good they were.

Best regards

Natalie Talevski Makeup


16th June 2015
Hi Jodie
We would like to say thank you for your recommendations and help with assisting us with Make-up artists for Saturday Afternoon. You will be pleased to know that both Sarah Rice and Robyn Gillette both showed outstanding professionalism and makeup skills were fantastic. We look forward to working with both girls again soon.
Kind Regards
Hair @ Wentworth
Wentworth Connection

5th June 2015
The students made up 13 performers for the photo shoot working along side the hair dressers and stylists and were asked to view the shots by the photographer. They were friendly and very professional. They were a pleasure to work with and showed a keen interest in what was happening around them and have offered to come again and do the makeup for the performers at their showcase.
Robyn Philpot
Manager Schools, Special Projects & Mentor Program
Talent Development Project Foundation

15th May 2015
Thank you so much! And I wanted to send my thanks out to Kristy! She was so professional, punctual and her initiative was great! I was amazed by her work ethic and I am someone who is very pedantic about hygiene and the way things are done. All I did was tell her once of everything that I needed from her and she done it!

Natalie Talevski Makeup

20th April 2015
I just wanted to let you know that all 4 of your girls that you sent were wonderful. They did an amazing job, they were polite, they turned up on time, they stayed an extra half an hour and the kids loved them! I will gladly use your girls again for parties, and I have passed on your details to a few mums!! Thank you so much. The girls were the highlight of my daughters party!

Kind regards,
Nikki D

20th March 2015

Morena was the student who I dealt with specifically and I must say that she was wonderful. She was highly capable and organised and ensured the makeup duties were executed by all students in an efficient manner. The brief was executed really well, and both she and the other girls performed the duties required of them, and excelled in the high-stress environment. They were an absolute pleasure to work with.

I also wanted to pass on my sincere thanks and appreciation to Cameron-Jane and Jodie in particular for all your help, amazing girls and speedy response to our request for support for our charity’s runway show on Wednesday night. It was so appreciated and we will certainly be contacting Cameron-Jane/the girls we worked with for any future opportunities that may arise.

Kara Billsborough
1st Degree PR

9th March 2015

On behalf of the TDP team I would like to thank you for the wonderful support and work with our students on Friday. You ladies were so professional and lovely to work with, all the performers looked amazing and really enjoyed the whole process. We would love to work with you again as we have several other projects going up in the next few months.

Robyn Philpot
Manager Schools, Special Projects & Mentor Program
Talent Development Project Foundation

24th February 2015

Jasmine was amazing! She was so easy to work with and did a fabulous job. I already told her I would pass her number on to anyone I know in Sydney needing a makeup artist!

Thank you for being so helpful, I am incredibly grateful for the support!

“It was a pleasure to work with a young up & coming makeup artist from Carmeron Jane. The quality of work was beautiful, you would never know that they had just graduated! It is a testament to the level of training and professionalism that they have instilled in their students. I am looking forward to working with more of their students in the future.”  Sharona Harris.


24th November 2014
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your students help at the High Tea Party in Sydney. They were all so very professional, patient and eager to help out in any way possible. The ladies were so thankful and felt beautiful on the weekend.

Joyce Chircop
Corporate Partnerships Executive
National Breast Cancer Foundation

13th November 2014

I have a lot to say about Dempsey, Kachina & Charlotte, and it is all positive! The entire Designer Chicks team were amazed by the talent, efficiency, energy and enthusiasm displayed by these young ladies. They worked as a team, followed instruction and displayed great initiative throughout the day.

Kachina, Dempsey &; Charlotte were very professional in their approach to the project, and made a great effort to research the hair and makeup looks of the 1960′s. All three ladies followed direction extremely well, and used their initiative to develop their own ideas. They were given a structured time sheet for the day, but ran ahead of schedule (which I have never experienced on set before!) and were able to spend the extra time helping other Designer chicks who had decided to do their own hair and makeup.

Without the help of Charlotte, Dempsey & Kachina, this shot wouldn’t have happened. They are an excellent representation of Cameron Jane Makeup Design, and I would be more than happy to work with one or all three of them again in the future!


Elise Harper - Stylist & Blogger


12th November 2014

Hi Cameron, Just wanted to send my thanks to Ken and the school for all your help on such short notice! The work today turned out to be very basic, but it all went very smoothly. Ken, you were a pleasure to work with, and if I’m directing anything again in the near future I’ll be happy to contact you again!

Jon Blum

11th November 2014

Students completed theatrical makeup for a Halloween event. This included using standard makeup, face and body paint, fake blood and applying false eyelashes and diamantes. Overall both students were very professional in working within our time schedule. We would be very lucky to have these students back for future jobs.

Kirilee Hall
NeV Australia


19th October 2014

Hi Jodie,
I would just like to thank you and your students for a fantastic job on Saturday face painting for charity. They were all professional and had a wonderful attitude. All worked hard and rose to the occasion painting Spiderman, batman and princess faces for many children.
Everyone commented on their skill level and work ethic so once again thank all involved for me. If this is the beginning of a new career for them I have no doubt they will do very well.
Kind Regards
Lisa Soames

14th October 2014

I have been using students from Cameron- Jane Makeup Design for working experience at an ongoing base for over a year now in our agencies portfolio shoots. Their students have great work ethic, good attitudes, always keen to learn, good professional skills and always arrive on time which very important for any production shoot.

I will credit the achievements of the students to the college for their dedication teaching not only the skill and also to be competitive in this interested and exciting business. I highly recommend them.

Sandy Luo – Development & Recruitment Manager – Platform

10th October 2014

We had 10 Cameron Jane makeup students come and do makeup for a fundraising event called Pampered with Purpose. I found all the students incredible! They arrived on time, (lots were early, which is a great thing!) they had a great attitude, they set up and got to work. They were pleasant, professional and they also did great makeup! This was a fundraising event but I had some women ask for their details as they were so happy with their makeup they wanted to book them for future paid events. This to me shows how great they are! I was incredibly grateful for the students giving there time. I would not hesitate to recommend these students and Cameron Jane makeup.

Emma Mullings
Pampered with Purpose

15th September 2014

Both students did a fantastic job and were extremely professional. Despite the amount of pre-planning, the students were adaptable and willing to step in at a moment’s notice as needed. I would definitely consider offering them paid opportunities or referrals in the future.

Matt Leigh
Hector | Marcus

15th September 2014

Thanks so much for sending our request out. Ken Heng joined us on Saturday evening and did a fantastic job! Excellent makeup artist with great passion and friendliness on set. The beginning of a long term relationship I think.

Many thanks

Paul – Creative State

9th September 2014

In comparison to students from other makeup schools we have used Amber has been a delight. Extremely professional, asking questions about the project and just genuinely excited about helping out. We would love to work with her again.
JMC Academy

25th July 2014

Hi Ladies
Just wanted to say the students were Fantastic last week at the Maria Nicola Jewellery book launch and fashion installation!
Sharon Garrard
Chic Petite Events

25th July 2014

Hi Cameron, Thankyou! Thankyou!
Your team are amazing. They did a wonderful job….so professional and so delightful to work with.
Everyone was on time They all looked professional. All students arrived with their fabulous box of work tools and created amazing make up. The make up crew worked on individual models to create the desired look appropriate to the gown created as suggested by the designer…and everyone had fun!!! Thanks you so much again for your continues support!
You’re wonderful!!
Warm regards

23rd June 2014

The students were required to create a neat prefect prep school look which was neat and slick matching the era of the 1940′s. They then transformed this look into a wild and dirty style depicting lost boys on a deserted island. They also were given the opportunity to freestyle some wonderful tribal painted designs. )? The students were very enthusiastic and had a positive can do attitude the whole production and were happy to learn from myself and directors input. Thank you again for collaborating with your fabulously talented students. I think they enjoyed creating some very dirty looking boys and tribal make up! Alice Morgan

17th June 2014

Dempsey was extremely well prepared, her extensive knowledge and supplies was extremely impressive. She was a pleasure to work with, made me excited about the project and was extremely engaged and eager to help the whole time. Perfect!
Kind Regards
Liv Johnston

16th June 2014

They worked as a team and as individuals.I deeply appreciated being able to do my work without being in the slightest bit worried about the students or their work. They were all delightful and made many friends here.We had a situation where they were asked to makeup a couple of kids and they pitched in and really made the kids day.
Kind Regards
John Hollands
Arcana Media Group

16th June 2014

Georgia was extremely helpful and I will be glad to have her help me out again, as I will be needing this kind of help with makeup looks, do do with uni, a lot over the next few years. Thanks Cameron Jane!
Madison Brown

2nd June 2014

Isabella was a pleasure to work with. She took feedback well, gave sound opinions and maintained a high standard of professionalism in regards to both manner and makeup artistry provided. I would be more than happy to work with her again.
Many thanks,
Nicole Goodman

2nd June 2014

The students all performed above and beyond our expectations and all were extremely positive and helpful. Kind Regards Liz

29th May 2014

I have been using students on photo shoot for a years in 8 different shoots. They had demonstrated their professionalism, great attitude for work, good skills. I must give credit to Cameron Jane Makeup design college who dedicate to teaching their students to be excellent in the field, giving them great opportunities to grow and develop. Well done!
Sandy Luo from
Spectrum Agency and Cute Kids Models

26th May 2014

Hi Cameron-Jane,
Overall, we were all very impressed with the students’ work and attitude. They were professional and excellent representatives of your school. Kind regards Laura

11th May 2014

Yulia Pobjie

7th May 2014

The CJ Supervisors were very thorough and professional and well skilled and very supportive and motivating for the rest for the students. Kenneth and Sabrina asked all the right questions to myself and the wardrobe department and produced exactly what we asked for.
Congrats team.
Leah Howard

7th May 2014

They have never let me down always been punctual, professional and extremely enthusiastic. They are very talents students and you should be very proud of how they represent the college.
Alice Morgan, Kiss Me Kate at Knox Grammar School

4th March 2014

Once again, we thank you for your organisation and preparation of your students for our expo. This event was a success due in part to your students. Cameron Jane students were professional and pro-active over the two days of work placement. Their genuine passion for makeup artistry was seen in their interaction with guests of the expo and in the work they produced. Both students are extremely talented and it was a pleasure to have them with the Create Cosmetics team. We thank the staff of Cameron-Jane for placing these exceptional ladies with us.

Thursday 27th Feb 2014

Hello Cameron, Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity of working with the Cameron Jane girls. They were simply brilliant!!! I would highly recommend Leigh-Anne and Guro on your next photoshoot! Both girls present so well and and totally got the look I was chasing for both my fitness and style make up. I look forward to working with the girls in the near future and wish them all the success in their make up artistry! xxDani

17th September 2013

Hi Cameron,
A big thank you! Jo, Dean and Lyndal came . I absolutely loved them. Very professional and I would recommend them to anyone looking for students or a junior. You sent me 3 fabulous face painters and I would like to contact Jo , Dean and Lyndal for some assistant work on the new channel 7 Show House Rules which I am head of Hair and makeup. It is not paid for them but they will get to see how it all works on one of the top rating channel 7 shows.
Kind Regards

11th September 2013

Thank you for sending the girls to our event for Vogue fashion Night Out! Students were in a great mood really helpful. These ladies were really great, hair looked immaculate really appreciated them coming in on such short notice

6th September 2013

Good afternoon,
I wanted to say on behalf of Thornleigh West Public School, we would like to thank you for your support by providing your students as volunteers at our Spring Fair. The girls were fantastic and I hope they enjoyed their day.
Kirsty de Vallance
A Cast of Thousands

21st August 2013

Hi Ricci & Cherish,
Thanks so much for all your help today – you both were so professional and amazing. What a credit you are to Cameron Jane.
Thanks Cameron for arranging this for me – it’s greatly appreciated. I’ll email tomorrow a letter of thanks to both of you for your portfolios.
Many thanks,
Believe Advertising

17th August 2013,

Hey Michelle,
Just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say a massive thank you for all your hard work over the past few days. I really appreciate it.
Michelle, you and your team did such a fantastic job, I can’t thank you enough. It was a high octane couple of days with quite a lot of cast members to be across, but it gave me so much confidence knowing that you were in such great control of the makeup dept. You and your team were fantastic, please do pass on my thanks to Krystle and Sabrina – they were great. I hope it was a good experience for them too.

16 August 2013

To everyone at Cameron Jane I just want to thank you all for the amazing job the crew did on Tuesday for our Masai de Medici show. People are still talking about the make up and hair. It was so dynamic and dramatic and completed the whole feeling of what I wanted. Looking at the sewing room with every one in there put such a smile on my face. It looked like a spectacular salon! Please thank everyone for me.
Nicholas Huxley
Head Teacher, Fashion Design Studio

7th August 2013

Hi Cameron
Just wanted to pass on a huge thank you for allowing Amy some time off college to assist me over the past few weeks. She has been an absolute delight on set and I hope she has learnt a lot from the variety of jobs I have been working on. Amy is reliable, punctual, helpful and friendly along with showing great skills as a future makeup artist. She has also interacted very professionally with clients and models on set. I look forward to having her help out on my shoots coming up!
Many Thanks
Tobi Henny

5th August 2013

Hi Cameron,
I wanted to say thank you so much for sending your students to my event. They absolutely made the night what it was. Everyone loved getting their faces done and set the mood for the night. They worked hard. I don’t think they left till 11:30. They were professional and accomplished the look that was asked of them to achieve.
Kind regards,
Tracy Stevenson

11th June 2013

Dear Cameron-Jane,
I hope you had a good weekend. I just wanted to say a big thank you for sending me the girls to help assist me at hair expo.
They were all amazing. They all had amazing skill and their professionalism was so good.
I would not hesitate to use any of them again.
Thanks so much for organising for me
All the best

20th May 2013

Dear Cameron-Jane,
You should be very proud of your students and how they represent Cameron Jane Make Up School they are very professional keen and able to work with myself as production designer. They are a pleasure to work with and the most enthusiastic bunch I have collaborated. They can see the need and importance of heightening there make up for the big stage. I hope they too enjoy the creative process and being apart of the Shout experience at St Joseph College.
Kind Regards,

1st November 2011

Dear Cameron-Jane,
I can’t thank you enough for sending my team and I such bright and creative girls.
Alex, Anne & Lauren were all competent and showcased a high level of skill. They were able to help me create the right look for the show and offered guidance when I was unsure. Many of my co-workers on the project were extremely impressed by the girls and wanted their contacts in the future.
If any of the girls ever need any work experience or would like some experience on set, many of us would like to have them again.
Again, Thank you very much for helping me out.
Kind Regards,
Elyse Callander

27th October 2011

Good Morning Cameron,
I would just like to offer some positive feedback on a student at your school, Jessica Briffa, whom I worked with last week on a shoot for the Robby Ingham Store at Double Bay. May I say she did a wonderful job! She was professional in every way. Collaborated exceptionally well woith our Belle Flaneur community & as you will see from the images her make-up was amazing!
I couldn’t be happier to have this bright your talent be part of our community & thank you for the skills she has been taught at your school. She is a wonderful testament to your teachings.
Please visit our site to see her work on this project
Please share it with your students, perhaps we can collabortae on other projects in the future?
It is my hope that Jess will work with us again. However, my greater wish is for her, is that she gets too busy in the commercial world for our teaching and learning community :)
Kindest regards,
Natalie Coulter

21st October 2011

Hi All
On behalf of Respite Connections I would like to say thanks to Amanda & Lauren for their great contribution to our events.
They were punctual, and professional and have shown great consideration, patience & respect for each individual they worked on. It has been a pleasure to work with them.
I hope they enjoyed their work placement and learnt something different. At last I would also like to Thank You for organising the girls to come to the events.
Many Thanks & Cheers
Qyen Le
Carers Australia

19th September

Dear Cameron-Jane,
I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to the girls who helped out on Saturday.
They went above and beyond our expectations when they were asked to step in last minute to do the make-up for the TAFE Sydney Institute Models, and absolutely saved the day. I honestly do not know what we could of done without them!
So I give them a high commendation for their work, and would love the opportunity to work with them again in the future.
If you would like to contact me for a reference please do not hesitate to do so.
Kind regards,
Tully Firbank

12th September

Dear Cameron
This is a somewhat belated THANK YOU for all of your work in making our short film Talking to Strangers look amazing!
Please pass on our thanks to your assistants Yasmin, Katerina & Tamika who came along and helped out- they were fantastic.
We hope to work with everyone at Cameron Jane Make-up Design again.
All the best

18th August 2011

Hello lovely ladies
I would like to thank you both for your support, patience and most importantly professionalism.
All of the make-up artists worked extremely hard on the day, the work put forward was absolutely gorgeous, the models and dancers looked amazing on stage.
Hayley, thank you for organising all make-up details from Sydney, it was a great help.
Natasha, your team were fantastic to work with, such lovely and talented girls.
Thank you once again
Giovanna Hill- Program Manager
Heading Out Academy

18th August 2011

I just wanted to say thank-you again for organising Shilpy for our photo shoot last week.
I thought you should know she was an amazing team member and defiantly one of the best Make-up Artists I have worked with.
Shilpy was punctual and very enthusiastic which really helped keep the focus and the passion throughout the shoot as a team, and to my surprise, took it upon herself to do some background research on the make up boards we had sent to her and brought them in with suggestions and ideas to help better the shoot.
I will defiantly keep Shilpy as a future contact for her services and just wanted to say thank you for suggesting such a skilled and lovely person to work with..
Yours Sincerely,
Jessica Apap

12th July 2011

I would like to thank your team for your fabulous work. They were thoroughly professional, completely prepared and did an amazing job in transforming us from ordinary to stunning!! Thank you so much for organising them and for training them so well!! I would have no hesitation in recommending any of them for future work.
Kind Regards & Thanks again

14th July 2011

Hi Ladies
Just a thank you to the four of you for showcasing your wonderful talents for the SUPRE Make Me Famous studio at the ID Luna Park Event last night.
You all understood the brief, delivered creative results and came across organised and professional.
Katerina- A big thank you for your help coordinating logistics and the team with me. A stellar job, great to have your enthusiasm for these events.
I hope you all enjoy spending your SUPRE dollars as a small gesture of thanks for your time which we are most grateful for.
I will be in touch for future events.
Thank you

The Event Suite Event Production & Management
Lovely Ladies and Gent! (students that attended work experience)
Thank you all SOOOOO Very much for donating your valuable and precious time and talent to help make the recent fashion show so spectacular!!
You created stunning looks that complimented both the model and outfit and your skills are certainly worthy of adorning a VOGUE cover or two.. and that sentiment was echoed by many guests at the event!
Many Thanks!
Tracy Harris
“Foundation Diane”


Dear Cameron-Jane,
I would like to send my appreciation to your student Samy for helping me out with Hot 4′s. She did an excellent job and took initiative! Her make-up was beautiful and her work ethic was amazing! I was so happy with Samy I intend on calling her for future jobs.
Thank you for your support and wish Cameron the best for me.
Natalie Talevski
Linca Make-up


Dear Cameron
Thank you for the students, they were amazing and outstanding! The best by far!!
Pia Anderson
Vintage All Sorts


Hi All and Cameron Jane,
Thank you so much for the tremendous your team put in at our shows, the make-up looked fabulous and many people remarked on how beautiful the models looked!
Thank You


Dear Cameron-Jane, Anne and all the fantastic crew!
Just to thank you so much for the amazing work you all did at the annual Fashion Design Studio Parade.
All the models looked stunning, and the parade was a great success with much media attention.
I truly appreciate your wonderful support and look forward to many collaborative years
All the Best
Nicholas xxxx


Dear Cameron-Jane, and all the crew!!
Thank you so much for all the wonderful work your students did last Wednesday evening. The parade and party were such a great success. All of this cannot happen without the amazing and talent of people like yourselves.
All our staff and students truly appreciate your input.
Nicholas- The Collector Fashion Parade @ The Strand Arcade


Dear Cameron-Jane,
On behalf of The Rocks Markets Team and Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, thank you so much for the wonderful contribution of your students hair and make-up design, for The Rocks Markets Summer Fashion Showcase.
The hair and make-up, without a doubt, was the best it has ever been.
I trust your students enjoyed working with us and I hope that we may be able to continue to foster the relationship between Cameron Jane and The Rocks Markets, where emerging models and emerging Designers can work together with emerging make-up artists.
Best regards,


A very big Thank you to you and your students for the wonderful job they all did on the weekend.
The professionalism your supervisors and students showed should be applauded.
Everyone involved with The Rocks Fashion Showcase were thrilled with the make-up outcome.
I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Lea Curtis


Hi Cameron Jane,
Thank you so much.. WOW I thoroughly enjoyed the bridal & Day Make-up Course! All the professional make-up artists we had during the course each gave their own over and above input to assist everyone, being either their different applications, quick tips, up-to-date info, plus more.. all were very inspiring and very supportive especially during such a course. I’m continuing to do as many course with Cameron Jane as possible and I thoroughly recommend anyone interested in make-up should participate in any of your course as they are so addictive! Congratulations on having such a choice of professional courses to choose from and with wonderful staff & teachers to learn from. Well Done. I look forward to many more courses at Cameron Jane.
Kind Regards,
Marissa- Bridal & Day Make-up Course August 2010


Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the girls for their outstanding effort! The were so professional, they worked quickly and efficiently. They did exactly what we asked and didn’t mind when we told them they had to stop and start according to our schedule. They stuck around and made sure our whole team looked beautiful and touched up for the night. They were amazing. Hannah & I were so appreciative not only for their work but the way they worked. it was high pressure, stressful situation for us and they made it much easier. Please pass on to the girls how impressed we are and tell them how wonderful they all are!
Thanks again for everything and we look forward to working with your students again in their future!
Libby McMichael- UnDiscovered Fashion


To all the crew who worked on the Fashion Design’s Studio PASSION FOR PURITY parade…
Thank you so much for helping make it such a successful evening.
Everybody made such positive comments about how gorgeous the models looked.. from top to bottom…simply stunning!! I truly appreciate all the hard work and creative manner in which you work. And your continued wonderful support.
Always Nicholas


Dear Cameron,
Thank you for providing your make-up students to work with me for another production. The make-up looked fantastic so could you please thank all the girls that were involved (Flor, Annabel, Rosie, Leah, Alan, Kirsten and Jeannie) Flor lead the team and was a pleasure to work with. Thank you for all your expertise and talent.
Thank You
Alice Morgan- Designer
Kambala School Production


Dear CJMD,
Thank you for helping me achieve my goal. I have completed 100 hours of work experience already. Im’ already half way to the required amount of hours… 400 more to my goal!
Lala (Student June 2009)


Dear Cameron,
We just wanted to express our gratitude to your team’s time to make our models look fabulous for the Wharfies Long Lunch Parade. The show was a big hit and we could have not done it without your wonderful team.
We are pleased to hear that the event was such a success raising over $200,000 for the Variety Club Children’s Charity.
Thanks a million!
Lots of love the Camilla Team xx


Hi Team,
I just wanted to send a personal and heartfelt thank you from Starlight to you all of you for all the really incredible work everyone of you completed on the Starlight advert filmed last Friday-to see so many people pulling together and working with such enthusiasm to help us get the message about our need out there into the market was really overwhelming.
Anne Johnston- Head of Marketing
Starlight Children’s Foundation


Dear Cameron,
Thank you for the opportunity to assist Rae Morris on Thursday last week.I appreciate your trust in me to represent your name and college. My experience with Rae was fantastic and really helped to give me some direction to where I was heading with your course. I hope in future I will be I will be allowed to participate in further work experiences like this. Rae was so inspirational and such a friendly easy going person to assist. I had a great time. Thank you again.
Victoria Barron
Victoria is now represented by RP Represents

Dear Cameron-Jane,
Thank you so much for the assistants you provided on the Myer Show yesterday for both Hair & Nails.
The show has been heralded as an amazing triumph. The press coverage and feedback has been outstanding. I hope your students get to see the images and coverage – they can be justly proud of their contribution to a remarkable team effort, which was the show. Pl check out
I would like your students to know that their assistance is greatly appreciated not just by me, but by Keiren Street (Hair Director), Liz Kelsh (MakeUp Director) and Alistair Thomson, the show producer.
The students who attended were positive, enthusiastic and very hard working. They were a great credit to your school’s teaching and discipline.
I certainly look forward to working with you again. Thank you for continuing this long-standing relationship with us and the Myer Events.
Regards and Thanks
Harold Samu
Backstage Manager

Dear Cameron-Jane,
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you and to all your staff and students for your incredible make up services provide for our ‘Open Day’ parades.
The Whitehouse Institute has always had success in each of our events whenever you are assisting us. The last five fashion parades performed for our ‘Open Day’ celebrations proved to be a perfect showcase for both our fashion students and your students from Cameron Jane school of Make up Designery.
It is always a pleasure working with your students, as they are open to new ideas, adapt to change very readily and provide an absolutely professional standard of practice and attitude.


Peter Dwyer
Head teacher
Styling and design Co ordination
Whitehouse Institute of Design

Dear Cameron-Jane

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you and the college for giving me this wonderful grounding into the world of make-up in all its forms. The time and effort that you expended on my behalf over the last 12 month during the Diploma course at the college was excellent.

The colleges understanding of my needs and wants and the simple and direct way you and other trainers imparted your knowledge were an inspiration.

This diploma course has been so beneficial to me in understanding the fundamentals of make-up with lasting results and the last year has gone past so quickly.

I am sure that the help and guidance you gave all of us will help us to secure excellent jobs in this profession.

Again, I want to thank you and the college the time you gave to us, your students, and I will miss the college and the camaraderie that has occurred.

I do hope the college continues in the future for years to come.

Yours sincerely
Bobalan Subramaniam

Dear Cameron-Jane,

I would like to thank you very much for your students over the long weekend At hair expo. The girls were great. On time, organised, and were able to do whatever was asked of them. Thank you so much, it made my weekend much easier having an extra pair of hands. I look forward to using the girls in the future.

Kind Regards Melanie Burnicle

Hi Cameron,

I’d just like to say a big thank you for having your makeup artists available for our film shoot over the weekend. The entire shoot was a great success and I cannot speak highly enough of the work and professionalism that Sasha, Audrey, Michelle and Sarah brought to the production (I hope that I haven’t forgotten anyone). The quality of their work was of a high standard and their contribution helped bring the script to life.

Thanks once again, Cameron. The girls are very talented. I’ve no doubt I’ll be bumping into them in the industry in the future.

Warm regards

Scott Williamson
Jaguar Zero Enterprises

Hi all at Cameron Jane

Just wanted to let you know how much we are loving the artist Linda Bilston that you sent us for the filming of True Confessions.
She is extremely talented and professional and has won the hearts of cast and crew alike. We hope she can stay on throughout the rest of the shoot. I will call once we have wrapped to let you know how we went and to thank you properly. Our make up supplier MAC has already expressed an interest in meeting her due to our praises, fingers crossed. Just thought I would send this little note in the meantime
Once again, thanks, you guys rock

Dijanna Mulhearn
InShot Communications

Dear Cameron-Jane,

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the team you provided to assist hair backstage at the Myers Show yesterday. It was probably one of the largest fashion shows ever in Sydney, with 115 celebrities, models, dancers, body builders, footballers and children. We also had 60 head dresses and accessories to prep. It was a hard day’s work and quite long as well!

Without the help of the Cameron Jane School team, I would not have been able to make the show the great success it has been. Hopefully you’ve seen todays’ papers and seen the extensive television coverage. The fashion writers and critics are raving about the show.

Thank you so much for allowing us to utilise your students and for liaising with me quickly. You are a pleasure to deal with. Please convey my thanks to all the students who were on the team. I am co-ordinating other shows in the next 3 months, including the MLC show and NRL Final show. If you would like, I am happy to consider more experience for your students at these upcoming events.

Once again, thank you very much.

Harold Samu
Hair & Make Up Co-ordinator
Myers Spring/Summer Fashion Show 2006

Dear Cameron Jane

Thank you so much for providing excellent assistants yet again to 2 very high profile events. I’m glad that your people were able to come on board to experience such great events and to work with really strong hair people like Renya and Keiren. And of course they provided us with invaluable assistance to get the job done well and on time, every time!

I look forward to working with you and your team again – and soon!

Kind regards
Harold Samu
for Renya Xydis and Keiren Street

Dear Cameron-Jane,

Well first I would like to extend an very large thank you, the show went extremely well with a total of 550 people over the two nights.
Your makeup artists did extremely well and I have a great sense of gratitude towards both you and those makeup artists that attended.

Thank you very much, your efforts and those of your artists did make a difference to the show.

The students that attended were wonderful and extremely polite, diligent and helpful. I hope that the Cameron Jane School recognises the efforts of those particular students. Again, thank you, Bridie, and the same to those students involved, I would appreciate if you can pass on my gratitude.

UNSW Circus Society

Dear Cameron-Jane,

I just wanted to give you some feedback on Georgia.

She was absolutely delightful and so switched on for a girl of only 16 years. I thought I was keen at 16 – but to travel to college everyday from Hawkesbury region… Wow!!

Thank you so much – she was wonderful and very helpful!

All the girls that I have met (that have assisted me) and that have been taught at Cameron have all been very well trained and thorough… I appreciate their help and I just wanted to congratulate you for giving them such great foundations for such a tricky career.

Bonita Chan

Hi Cameron,

Thank-you so much for organising the girls for me. They were great. Polite, helpful and keen to learn.
Kind regards,
Emma De Teliga