This course is designed for young teens that are showing interest in  makeup as a career or hobby.

This is a positive motivation course out lining the pro’s and con’s of the industry, social media and  understanding your self-worth.

Cameron and her team have worked with young girls for years  and Cameron believes in educating young girls to success, helping to find their creativity and inner beauty.

In addition Cameron will guide the girls how to respect your outer beauty, believe in yourself and the benefits of following your creative dreams and understand on how to protect and grow yourself on social media

Attendance:  2 days 10 am – 4pm

Course Fees: $2020 per person

Requirements for lessons

All make-up products for the course are provided by the academy. You are advised to bring your own make-up for our trainers to provide you with feedback on the products you have already.

Included in Course Fees:

Included in the course cost is the CJMD professional 8 piece brush set and student notes.



DAY 1  

  • Finding your inner beauty
  • Practicing  and building confidence
  • Inner beauty vs outer beauty
  • Why its important to follow your dreams
  • Creativity
  • How to protect your self on social media
  • A career in the arts
  • Positive and negatives of social media


  • Grooming and steps to balance
  • Personal use makeup
  • Product knowledge and tools
  • Steps to Balance of the face and body
  • Skin textures and preparation
  • Foundation textures, colour selection and application techniques
  • Concealer and powder techniques
  • Highlighting and shading techniques
  • Eye shapes
  • Perfect brows
  • Application of blush
  • How to create the perfect lip and textures of products
  • Complementary colours
  • Day makeup
  • Evening makeup & false lash application.

Course Dates:

APRIL 2020: Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st

JULY 2020: Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th

SEPTEMBER 2020: Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th