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Designed by you, delivered by icons, MMm is Australia’s first ever make-up masterclass membership program set to inspire every beauty lover through an array of affordable educational seminars and workshops presented by highly acclaimed guest artists, in person.

Created by Cameron Jane Make-Up Design, Australia’s elite make-up academy renowned for introducing the first ever masterclass to Australia, the Make-Up Masterclass Membership introduces a new way to learn alongside some of the industry’s most respected and revered icons.

With up to 60 unique and affordable make-up masterclasses on offer between July 2018 and June 2019, all held in a convenient Sydney location with weekend scheduled classes to facilitate interstate visits and flexibility with existing work commitments, the unique course structure of Make-up Masterclass Membership (MMm) enables you to create a bespoke learning pathway specific to you.

Combine subjects to further specialise within an area of expertise or challenge yourself with something completely new. The choice is all yours.

Benefits of becoming a member of MMm:
  • Get exclusive discounts on masterclasses.
  • Buy masterclasses as packs to gain further discounts.
  • Get priority access to International Guest Artist Masterclass seminars.
  • Receive special offers from our sponsors via monthly newsletter.

Guest Educators include:

  • Pablo Morgade
  • Craig Beaglehole
  • Petr Vackar
  • Alan White
  • Katrina Raftery
  • Isabelle De Vries
  • Linda Jefferyes
  • Carolyn Gahan
  • Helen Samaryan
  • Martin Bray
  • Charlotte Ravet
  • Jazz Pampling
  • Sarah Tammer
  • Renata Meins
  • Elsa Morgan
  • Steph Lai
  • Merton Muaremi
  • Chris Hayes
  • Mia Connor
  • Justin Henry
  • Kristyan Low
  • Chereine Waddell
  • Dale Delaporte
  • Teneille Sorgiovanni
  • Cat Smith
  • Rachel Montgomery
  • Martha Mok
  • Kelly Bowman

To become a member and  register for inspirational masterclasses go to