Freelance Bridal Hair Stylist Course

This course is designed for participants who wish to gain practical and technical skills to work as a professional hairstylist for weddings, Make-up artists who are looking forward to gain skills in hairstyling for the bridal industry, this course complements our Freelance Bridal Makeup Artist Course.


  • Hair analysis; structure, texture and condition and face shapes
  • Product knowledge – tools of the trade, knowing what product to use for each step of the process to achieve a professional finish that lasts every time you work
  • Hot roller setting techniques
  • Hot tong setting techniques
  • Correct sectioning and pinning techniques
  • Use of hair padding to achieve volume and form when styling hair
  • Techniques that will make you quicker and more efficient
  • Hair half up, half down
  • Braiding techniques, into bridal up-styles
  • Chignons and creative bun up-styles
  • Classic and modern French rolls
  • Textured curl up-styles
  • Vintage looks (including 1920’s finger waves; 1940’s Hollywood glamour and victory rolls)
  • Adapting hairstyles to suit your client’s face shape and hair type


Attendance: 5 week course (10 Lessons)

  • Wednesday 5:30pm till 9:30pm and
  • Sunday 9am till 6pm
Course Fees:  $1485
Pre-Requisites: Applicants must have successfully completed year 10 and be at least 16 years of age.No prior knowledge or experience is required 




CJMD Bridal Hair Styling Kit  is available for purchase for $600 Includes:

  • Hair Bag
  • Hot Rollers
  • Mannequin head
  • Clamp
  • Hot tong
  • Pin curl clips
  • Section clips
  • Bobby pins
  • U pins
  • Grooming brushes
  • Teasing brush
  • Tail comb
  • Hair elastics
  • Blow dryer
Requirements for lessons All students are required to have the above kit list for every class and a hair straightener.




Week One
  • DAY ONE Wednesday: Hair analysis, wedding industry overview, products and tools
  • DAY TWO Sunday: Blow-drying techniques, straightening iron /curling techniques , beach wave hairstyle
Week  Two
  • DAY ONE Monday: Ponytail techniques, high/low, parting options, textured and banding techniques
  • DAY TWO Sunday: braiding techniques and braiding up styles
Week Three
  • DAY ONE Wednesdayhot roller setting techniques, ½ up/half down styles and side pony up styles
  • DAY TWO Sunday: high and low buns/chignons, smooth and textural buns/chignons
Week Four
  •  DAY ONE Wednesdayhot roller techniques, French rolls/ modern twists
  •  DAY TWO Sunday: tonging techniques , glamour 1920s wave , 1940s wave & pin up
Week Five
  • DAY ONE Wednesday: 1960s vintage styles
  • DAY TWO Sunday: Bridal party design of choice bride + bridesmaid





August 2019: Wednesday 7th August till Sunday 8th September