CUA41215 Certificate IV in Screen and Media
CUAIND502 Maintain and apply creative arts industry

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This qualification is for individuals who provide make-up and hair services for the screen, media and entertainment industries. It reflects the role of individuals who use well-developed skills and a broad knowledge base in a wide variety of contexts. They apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems, and analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources. They may provide leadership and guidance to others with some limited responsibility for the output of others.

CJMD students are trained in a highly creative studio with advanced and state of the art products and equipment The trainers at CJMD are highly respected industry professionals who work currently in the industry at all times providing students with current relevant industry trends, product knowledge and techniques. The trainers are to help encourage each and every student whilst studying . The unique course has been designed to ensure students receive the highest level of training.

This course is conducted full time over a period of weeks face to face training. Each lesson begins with the theory based component for the lesson topic, followed by a group class discussion and additional current relevant industry information is supplied by the trainer as a specialist in their field. The trainer then provides a demonstration of the subject explaining each step in detail and answers any questions by the students. Students are then to complete the look on each other.

Students are assessed on their ability to conduct research skills, convey research into written reports and their technical skills through observation of practical work.


BSBSMB301 Investigate micro business opportunities
BSBCRT401 Articulate, present and debate ideas
CUAWHS302 Apply work health and safety practices


CUAMUP401 Design, apply and remove make-up
CUAMUP402 Maintain makeup and hair continuity
CUAMUP403 Style hair for performances or productions
CUAMUP404 Style wigs and hairpieces for performance or productions
CUAIND402 Provide  freelance services
BSBCMM401 Make a presentation
BSBDES402 Interpret and respond to a design brief
BSBREL401 Establish networks
SHBBMUP003 Design and apply make-up for photography
BSBCRT501 Originate and develop concepts


CUAIND502 Maintain and apply creative arts industry knowledge

Course Content

Intro to Makeup and Photography

  • Steps to balance & face shapes
  • Colour theory
  • Face charts
  • Skin care and cleansing
  • Skin types and conditions
  • Remedial camouflage
  • Highlighting and shading
  • Foundation types and textures
  • Eye shapes
  • Eye liner and eye brows
  • Mascara and lash application
  • Lips and cheeks
  • Sheer beauty
  • Balance and harmony
  • Make-up techniques for men
  • Day make-up
  • Evening make-up
  • Smokey eye design
  • Time management
  • Working with the photographer
  • Images in photography
  • Make-up for men
  • Red carpet make-up
  • History of make-up overview
  • Fashion/Catwalk/Editorial/Avant-garde overview
  • Theatre overview
  • Bridal make-up styles
  • Cultural make-up
  • Photo shoot briefs

TV & Film

  • Introduction to make-up for TV & Film
  • Crew roles working on set
  • Risk management and OHS
  • Etiquette to crew and talent
  • Business documents
  • Observation and Bias
  • Make-up for Film
  • Make-up for television
  • High Definition
  • History of film and TV
  • Music Videos
  • Script breakdown
  • Continuity
  • Budgets
  • Character Make-up breakdown
  • Make-up for black and white film
  • Make-up for colour film
  • Television drama make-up
  • Newsreader/presenter make-up
  • Working with the DOP and lighting effects
  • Light and colour relationships to make-up
  • Ageing for TV and Film


  • Business case studies
  • Legislations & regulations
  • Market trends
  • Insurance
  • Interview skills
  • Contracts
  • Accounting
  • Branding
  • Website
  • Social media marketing
  • Online portfolios
  • Networking
  • Debating
  • Making & delivering presentations


  • Introduction to styling
  • 1920-’s wig styling
  • 1930-’s wig styling
  • 1940-’s wig styling
  • 1950-’s wig styling
  • 1960-’s wig styling
  • 1970-’s wig styling
  • 1980-’s wig styling
  • Queen Elizabeth wig styling
  • Marie Antoinette wig styling
  • Geisha Wig Styling
  • Wig knotting


  • Creativity
  • Working with a stylist
  • Editorial coloured make-up
  • Bronzing skin
  • Catwalk make-up
  • Geometric designs
  • Fashion lash design and application
  • Editorial clown
  • Working with gold leaf
  • Androgynous male/female
  • Working with lace make-up
  • Feather designs
  • Glitter designs
  • Italian Vogue
  • Mood boards
  • Art inspired
  • Diamantes designs
  • Edible make-up
  • Seasonal trends
  • Collaborating for photo shoot


  • Renaissance hair & make-up
  • Restoration hair & make-up
  • 1920’s hair & make-up
  • 1930’s hair & make-up
  • 1940’s hair & make-up
  • 1950’s hair & make-up
  • 1960’s hair & make-up
  • 1970’s hair & make-up
  • 1980’s hair & make-up
  • 1990’s hair & make-up
  • Geisha make-up
  • Tribal make-up
  • Cleopatra make-up
  • Kabuki make-up


  • Theatrical make-up
  • Lean make-up
  • Stout make-up
  • Ballet make-up
  • Showgirls make-up
  • Wig styling
  • Aging for theatre
  • Cirque du Soleil make-up
  • Character make-up
  • Stage and theatre eye make-up
  • Clown make-up
  • Face painting
  • Crepe hair beards
  • Drag make-up


  • Hair analysis
  • Preparation and products
  • Blow drying techniques
  • Hot tong techniques
  • Use of padding accessories
  • Up styles
  • Braiding techniques
  • Pony tails
  • Corporate television styling
  • Editorial hairstyles
  • Catwalk trend hairstyles
  • Hot roller setting techniques
  • Correct sectioning and pinning
  • Hair extensions


42 weeks (with school holidays, public holidays etc.)
36 weeks (without school holidays)

Course Fees: $11,300
Payment options
$1500 A non-refundable deposit is payable on enrolment due two weeks before course commencement to secure position in course.The total course cost is to be paid via monthly/Fortnightly direct debit instalments using the EziDebit System. For a copy of the EziDebit Product disclosure statement please contact the Academy.
Monthly: $980 (payments 1st of the Month for 10 payments)
Fortnightly: $490 (payments start on the 1st of the month and reoccur fortnightly for 20 payments)
*Applicants must have successfully completed year 10 and be at least 16 years of age.
*Applicants should display clear communication skills, and a passion for the make-up industry.
* All applicants are encouraged to obtain and read a copy of the CJMD Student Handbook prior to enrolment as your signed enrolment form signifies your legal contract and agreement to these terms.
*During this course students are required to be available for work experience, which may include weekend and/or evening work.
Additional Cost:
Materials $2000 (including GST)

Participants are required to pay for their materials before the course commencement. Please note that payment plans are not available for materials. Full Kit Materials are outlined in the Course Guide

Photo shoots: To be confirmed prior to shoot schedule, cost of models and photographer hire are contracted in the enrolment form

Course Intakes: 2019

Jan 2019– (Full Time)

Mon, Tues & Wednesday 8am- 5:30pm

Start Date:  29th January 2019

Finish Date:  13th November 2019

July 2019– (Full Time)

Mon, Tues & Wednesday 8am- 5:30pm

Start Date:  22nd  July 2019

Finish Date: 29th April 2020

To enrol for this course or request our course information booklet, please contact 02 9212 2222 or email