Cameron Jane’s Angel’s

Cameron Jane has selected her top advanced students to create a team of highly qualified assistants (Cameron’s Angels). Our Angels are chosen for their outstanding performance, high level of dedication and fierce commitment to success and fellow industry professionals. The team are all at an advanced level and are equipped with highly developed skills and industry knowledge to assist to the highest standard.


Thankyou for the amazing make up team you provided us with for our recent graduation night.The team not only produced an exceptionally high standard of make up, they were also very professional and curteous. We would welcome any oppurtunity to continue working with them in the future.
Toni & Guy Careers
“They have the highest professionalism in both application and attitude”
Caroline Owleny
“Incredible, extremely enthusiastic and willing to assist”
Adam Johansen, Farscape, Star Wars SPFX Artist
“Enthusiastic and keen to be involved in all aspects of the industry. They recognise the opportunity to learn from all the work experience they undertake… very well organised and work exceptionally as a team.”
Margaret Kernich, Fashion Show co-ordinator and stylist

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Cameron-Jane’s Angels are known as the best assistants in the business

Rick Connelly Sam
Student Wendy
Student Brad Ballard
Student Eden Xya
Student Emma Michelmore
Student Gem Veronika Ym
Student Wendy C
Cameron Jane Student

For a quote to secure one of Cameron’s Angels contact:  02 9212 2222 or email:
As a student, you will be required to participate in many work experience opportunities through CJMD. This work experience is crucial to your understanding and success within the industry. You will have the opportunity to assist some of Australia’s top hair and make-up artists. Our students are sought after within the industry and many students have personal requests from industry professionals to assist them. CJMD works closely with Australia’s top booking agents, such as DLM, to insure A-grade work experience .