Student's comments

"Cameron doesn't just lend her name to a teaching facility, she takes an active day to day involvement and personal commitment toward creating a rich learning environment with great facilities. She has sourced some of the most talented and passionate Artists, who share their knowledge with the students and nurture them within an otherwise competitive industry. The facilities at the College are excellent, as are the opportunities for work experience, networking and career advancement beyond the course"
By Mel Dyer

"Cameron gives out 110% to ensure student succeed in the make up industry with great success by exposing them to variety type of work experience, industry networking, high teaching standard and professional make up artists. Students working in the industry as a professional make up artist after they completed the course in no time because of her endless effort. ... You Rock Cameron!!!
By Michelle Lau

“When I attended the open day the first thing I noticed about Cameron was her passion and enthusiasm. She loves what she does! She is committed to ensuring you have every opportunity to succeed. This is shown through everything including the amazing trainers offered, our hand chosen kits and the industry work experience that is sourced and offered to us. There can be no better place to train as a make-up artist!

Thanks Cam!”
Chloe Toll

“Since starting this course, I have noticed a positive change in myself. It has brought so many exciting options and career paths for me to discover, and I have met some really great people. The trainers are fantastic and a real inspiration
Emma Michelmore

“My experience with Cameron- Jane make-up Academy has exceeded all my expectations of the necessary training and support needed for me to build a career. This course has allowed me to increase my skills and knowledge to above industry standard. The course delivers a very wide and diverse range of subjects and industry experts that has allowed me to broaden my understanding of the industry, increasing my confidence. Preparing me for my successful career.”
Yasmin Orr

“Since starting my studies at CJMD I’ve been impressed by the effort staff make to get you experience in the industry.  They make sure promises made to you at course commencement are delivered.”

"Cameron provides her students with the best. Through work experience, students are exposed to industry standards, and they have the opportunity to learn from different people in various fields of the industry,build their own confidence and gain the experience needed to become a good makeup artist. The trainers are very talented and well known make up artists working in the industry. They not only provide students with the knowledge needed to make it as a makeup artist, but also inspire student and help them to achieve the best they can and realise their own potential. CJMD has been a fantastic experience. I'd like to thank Cameron and all the trainers and staff for teaching us the skills needed to become a makeup artist and allowing us to assist them, and also helping many of us get jobs in the industry.

Thank you a for a fun and exciting year and for all your support"
Marija Milisavljevic 


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