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Job Placement Program

Job Placement Program
Cameron not only delivers top quality training to her students by securing trainers with years of Industry Experience, she also understands the importance of students wishing to secure jobs whilst at college or upon graduation.Cameron delivers training on Industry Skills & Industry Knowledge to help students get where they want to be in their careers and guides them along the way with their journey.With Industry Support from M.A.C, Estee Lauder Companies & David Jones, many of the students that study find that with their determination, high quality training, drive and passion for make-up as well as our close affiliation with these brands – many of the students secure jobs whilst studying and upon graduating as these brands believe our students are of the highest quality – this is one of the many reasons why they chose to do their hiring though CJMD.
Current Students 2015
Sarah-Jane Magro - Mecca Maxima
Georgia Page  – Mecca Cosmetica
Tracey Troung - M.A.C
Aizel Brillantes - M.A.C
Molly Lim – Laura Mercier
Katherine Smathers - Benefit
Clare Carlton - Sephora
Ariela Ramljak  - Laura Mercier
Previous Students 2014
Charlotte McLeod – Mecca Cosmetica
Katrina Yiangou  - Mecca Maxima
Kitty Wang - Mecca Cosmetica
Carmina El-khatib – M.A.C
Jasmine Abdallaoui - Mecca Cosmetica
Renata Meins – M.A.C
Georgia Pustkowski – Mecca Cosmetica
Catie Firkins –  Beauty Consulant at David Jones
Nishita Thawanio - Mecca Cosmetica


Previous Students 2013

Kenneth Dang – M.A.C

Isabel Campos-Cleary – M.A.C

Leigh-Anne Hull - Mecca Cosmetica

Krystle McCarthy - Mecca Cosmetica

Guro Franken - Mecca Cosmetica

Tara Murphy – M.A.C

Shairy Jalil – M.A.C

Ashleigh Cormack  - Mecca Cosmetica

Jessica Paterson  - Mecca Cosmetica

Anna Bruce – M.A.C

Maddison Care – M.A.C

Ricci-Lee Mcfadden  – Studio 504 Sydney Hair and Makeup Artist

Bernadette Wong – Yves Saint Laurent

Alex Perrin  - Mecca Cosmetica

Jane Nadia – Yves Saint Laurent

Becky Khanthavongsa - Mecca Cosmetica


Past Students – 2012

Morena Aballar – M.A.C

Lauren Pride  - Mecca Cosmetica

Caitlin Evans – M.A.C


Past Students – 2011

 Helen Samaryan - Tom Ford
Ebony Ryan – M.A.C
Alana Baird- M.A.C

Ludmila Mikleova- Chanel

Lillian Collins- Estee Lauder

Fernanda Salazaro- Dubai Resort-Make-up Artist

Jessica Fitzgerald- Head Make-up Artist Feature Film

Tania Iorfino- Cosmetics Consultant

Carla Vallelonga- Cosmetics Consultant

Frankie Piper- Make-Up and Photography for Girl Power Magazine

Victoria Blower- Momentum Promotions

Rebecca Plunkett- M.A.C

Geogria Lebbos- Make-up Artist at Girl Power Magazine

Fabienne Rich- Own Business The Facial Room Bondi

Natasha Fourmer- Nutrimetics

Aidan O’Keeffe- Film Industry in Queensland

Brendan Marrett- M.A.C

Dan Wang- Bobbi Brown

Somayeh Dargahi- Estee Lauder