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CUF40407 Certificate IV in Make-up


The Certificate IV in Make-up that we provide contains additional units which other schools may not include and is designed for students who wish to gain practical, theoretical and industry skills required to work as a make-up artist and provide services for:

  • Bridal make-up
  • Cosmetic consultant
  • Hair/wig styling
  • Live theatre
  • Catwalk
  • Body art
  • Face painting
  • Television productions
  • Black & white photography
  • Corrective make-up
  • Ballet & opera make-up
  • Fashion and editorial photography
  • Television newsreaders and show hosts
  • Airbrushing

This course has been designed to include required units from the screen & media package CUF07, as well as additional units which we believe necessary to provide you with the highest level of skills.

These additional units have been weaved into the training package we are required to deliver for both the Diploma of Specialist Make-up Services and the Certificate IV in Make-up.  

This course is conducted full time over a period of 39 weeks face to face, including the final Assessment week (49 weeks with school holidays, public holidays etc.), Monday to Thursday at either 8am-1pm OR 1pm-6pm  OR  Monday and Tuesday 5:30pm-9:30pm and Saturday 9am-4pm.

Units of Competency include:


  • CUFMUP401A   Design, apply and remove make-up 
  • CUFIND301A    Work effectively in the screen and media industries
  • BSBCRT301A    Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skills
  • CUSOHS301A   Follow occupational health and safety procedures   


  • CUFMUP402A    Maintain makeup and hair continuity
  • CUFMUP403A    Style hair for performances or productions 
  • CUFMUP404A    Style wigs and hairpieces for performances or productions        


  • BSBCRT402A   Collaborate in a creative process  
  • BSBREL401A    Establish networks 
  • BSBREL401A    Generate design solutions
  • CUFIND401A    Provide services on a freelance basis
  • BSBDES301A    Explore the use of colour
  • CUFRES401A    Conduct research   

As well as additional special days which we believe necessary to provide you with the highest level of skills.  The guest trainers who present these topics are the best in their field.

  • Retail skin care products
  • Make-up for photography
  • Remedial camouflage
  • Working in a retail environment
  • Sell products and services

Subjects covered during this Certificate IV in Make-up course will include:

  • Techniques for sketching and drawing
  • Facial anatomy and balance
  • Shading and highlighting techniques
  • Colour harmonies and balance
  • Remedial camouflage
  • Photographic lighting equipment and techniques
  • Retail and selling techniques
  • Ethnic make-up including black skin, middle east and oriental
  • Day make-up and conversion to evening
  • Wedding make-up for colour and black and white photography
  • Application of false eyelashes
  • Make-up techniques for men
  • Period make-up, fashion in the ages
  • Fashion & editorial style photographic make-up
  • Film & TV make-up
  • Casualty simulation
  • Characterisation
  • Ageing techniques
  • Fashion hair/wig styling
  • Period hair/wig styling
  • Production sheeting
  • Script breakdown
  • Portfolio format
  • Catwalk make-up styles for fashion
  • Catwalk hair styling
  • Bald caps
  • Face and body make-up, realistic and fantasy effects
  • Clown, Ballet, Ballroom and Kabuki make-up
  • Facial hair application
  • Theatrical make-up
  • Drag make-up
  • Ageing with latex
  • Face charts
  • Airbrushing

* Certain classes will require students to bring / arrange their own models.  Students will be notified prior to the scheduled class.


Total Certificate IV in Make-up Course Cost $10,600.00 + Materials Kit (details below)- This course is GST Exempt.

The total course cost is to be paid via instalment plans via monthly/Fortnightly direct debit instalments. A non-refundable deposit of $1,000.00 is payable on enrolment.  


 Payment plans must be paid using the Ezi Debit System- for a copy of the Ezidebit Product disclosure statement please contact the college.


Payment Plan Options;


Option A


Option B







$800.00 x 12


$400.00 x 24


Please Note: All Credit Card and Eftpos transactions over $300 will incur a 1.75% merchant fee. Direct Debit details are provided as an alternative.


Materials (make-up & hair kit)     $1,950 (GST inclusive)

* Participants are required to pay their deposit 14 days prior to the first day of class.  Please note that payment plans are not available for materials. 


Certificate IV Make-up and Hair Kit includes the following brands:   

 * M.A.C                                                  

 * LORD & BERRY                                  

 * RCMA                              


* BOBS Studio 

* Hair Kit Supplier DATELINE IMPORTS            



* Please be aware CJMD updates kits each year, therefore the above can change slightly from year to year to keep up to date with the industry



    • Applicants must have successfully completed year 10 and be at least 16 years of age.  
    • Applicants should display clear communication skills, and a passion for the make-up industry.  
    • All applicants are encouraged to obtain and read a copy of CJMD Policies and Procedures prior to enrolment as your signed enrolment form signifies your legal contract and agreement to these terms.
    • During this course you are required to be available for work experience, which may include weekend and/or evening work.  A minimum of 200 hours is required.



Full Time Start Date:  17th February 2014

                               Monday- Thursday 8am-1pm

Casual Full Time Start Date: 24th March 2014

                                       Monday and Tuesdays 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm, and Saturday's 9 am to 4 pm

Full Time Start Date:  21st July 2014

                               Monday and Tuesday 1pm-6pm and Wednesday & Thursday 8am-1pm

Contact our friendly staff today on (02) 9318 1280 or email for more information!



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