Master Classes

At Cameron Jane Make-up Design makeup Master Classes are held exclusively with Top Make-Up Artists in Sydney, Australia. To keep up to date with such a fast growing competitive makeup industry, we believe as artists, it is quite important to update skills and knowledge of the industry.

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Makeup WOW Factor with Martha Mok

Asian Bridal Masterclass with eyelid enhacement techniques and Mature makeup secrets.

Achieve that WOW Factor.

Why do you want to learn makeup skill from Asia? Because it is the competitive edge you can gain compare to the other artist around.

This workshop will include:

*Learn the differences between Asian makeup compared to western style Asian makeup.

*Understand and learn to use various eyelid tape to enhance, correct, lift and create different eyelid shapes.

* Mature makeup demo. Secert for looking 10 years younger.

*What makes Asian makeup style look youthful?

*How to enhance eye shape and make the eyes looks more youthful and lifted.

*What are the current most popular makeup styles asked for by Asian clients?

*What are the best colours to use on Asian clients? Do I have it in my kit?


*How to use the Asian Eyelid Enhancement techniques and Youthful makeup Essential on any nationality to get you more bookings?

**Make people talk about you!**

Business talk:

*How to get that before makeup photo with comfort.

* How to make your client listen to you as the process.


Martha will be sharing her tips and tricks to help you advance in your career.


Hands on practice.

You will have 2hrs to work on your model and Martha will personally go around to each of you to provide constructive criticism not to judge, but to support and encourage you and demonstrate how to enhace and beautify your current work.


Class schedule:

Schedule 1: Introduction why you are here? Goal and setting targets to be achieved.


Schedule 2: How to turn hobby into career? How to make the most of every opportunity? Answer to the million money dollar question – how to get more jobs to make more money?


Schedule 3: The art of eyelid taping -  What it is? How to use it? How to hide it with makeup? What is the differences between a pre-cut already made packs? Compare to hand cut tapes. When to use and why.


Schedule 4: Makeup demonstration

- eyelid enhacement technique

- reconstruction on eyelashes

– Korean style glowing skin. The art of Asian youthful makeup.

- Eyelash reconstruction, using strip lashes then recreate the eye shape.

- How to make mature skin look like youthful skin?

- Makeup products analysis.


What is the different between Asian makeup brands and western makeup brands? How to pick the best makeup colour to suit Asian skin?


Schedule 5: when and what to use different eyelashes to do different things


Schedule 6: Hands-on practice on eyelid taping and the makeup techniques shown in class. Real people like your client.


Schedule 7:  Q & A

Resources: Each student must bring a model to work on from 3:00pm. Students must bring their natural eyeshadow colour makeup kit, with makeup brushes, tissue, scissors, and tweezer. Natural style eyelashes, eyelash glue and basic skin care.


Session Price:  $450 per person

Time: 10am to 5pm

Light lunch included


Book before 30/4 receive an early bird discount $50. Contact