Face Charts with Pablo Morgade





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Communication is key in makeup artistry.

One of the most trusted but often overlooked tools of communication as a makeup artist is the face chart.

It lets you plan out your look and propose it to clients.

Face charts are used as reference guides for makeup teams for  runway shows,  theatre and  film productions.

Face Charts can be used to show prospective clients ideas of your designs for a job.

Cameron Jane Make-up Design has secured  the number one Facechart designer in Australia Pablo Morgade for an intensive 3 hour  MAKE-UP MASTER CLASS at the academy


Attendance: 1 day 6pm – 9pm

Course Fees $80 + GST

Pre-Requisites: * participants must be a make-up artist or make-up student


Course Dates:

September 2017: Thursday 21st 

In order to secure your position in the course you are required to pay the full course fees prior to the course commencement.



  • Introduction of Pablo Morgade
  • The importance of face charts in the industry
  • The importance of social media
  • Demonstration of face chart and steps of application

Students will then recreate a face chart by the following steps;

  • Understanding how to create skin depth and shape
  • Understanding how to create highlight and shade definition
  • Understanding how to create nose shape
  • Understanding how to create depth and lip shapes
  • Understanding how to create eye brow shapes
  • Understanding how to create eye definition and colour placement
  • Understanding how to create lashes
  • Understanding how to create the perfect winged liner

*Students will complete two face charts during the lesson


Course Requirements

Students need to bring in their makeup kit and brushes.

Students will receive a gift bag containing a face chart sponge, face chart artist grade paper and a lash pen



To enrol for this course or request our course information booklet, please contact 02 9212 2222 or email