Eyeliner Basics

Do you struggle with applying eyeliner?

Not sure what shape your eye is to create the perfect eyeliner shape?

Then this mini course is for you!

This course is designed for non-professionals and those with no make-up experience that would like to understand product knowledge application techniques for applying pencil eyeliner and liquid/gel eyeliner for their eye shape.

This course takes on a limited amount of students each intake to ensure they are mentored with one on one interaction with the professional makeup artists.

  • Product knowledge & tools  for creating lines, width & texture
  • Knowledge of eye shapes and what eyeliner shape balances and enhances the eye
  • Techniques for achieving a natural pencil/shadow line for a day time look
  • Techniques for creating a soft smoked pencil eyeliner
  • Techniques for creating a perfect winged eyeliner

Attendance:  1 day 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Course Fees:  $80 + GST

Pre-Requisites: * no experience required


Course Dates:

OCTOBER 2017: Monday 23rd



Students are to bring in their makeup brushes for applying eyeliner an angled liner brush and a precision fine tip brush.

Students can purchase a professional 8 piece brush set from the academy prior to enrolment; details are included on the enrolment form.

Students are to arrive with foundation on as their base, no eyeshadow.

In order to secure your position in the course you are required to pay the full course prior to the course commencement.


To enrol for this course or request our course information booklet, please contact 02 9212 2222 or email