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All trainers/artists are highly qualified and specialise in their chosen field of Film, Fashion, T.V, Theatre, Hairdressing, Sculpting, Special Effects, Designing, and Visual Art. All trainers/artists are currently working in the industry as a freelance artist or are represented by a professional agent, working in the industry on a daily basis.

You will not have the same trainer everyday, as we believe we can bring out the best in you, by providing you with the best trainer/artist for what you are studying. We vary your trainers/artists according to the subject being studied at the time, and book the trainer/artist who specialises in that area to provide you with the highest standard of knowledge, skills and training. You can be assured you are always receiving the most current, relevant and detailed training as we choose our trainers carefully according to their industry success and currency of skills.

The following trainers/artists are some of the highly skilled artists we choose from to provide for your training:

About Cameron Jane Make up Design

Becoming a make-up artist means you will be working in a highly competitive, fast paced, ever-changing environment. Our goal is to provide highly motivated, versatile and creatively skilled make-up artists to the industry who are experienced and knowledgeable about their chosen field of make-up.


  • Cameron-Jane Thomas
  • Miriam Van Cooten
  • Emily Lucas
  • Grace Vinelli
  • Sandra Wograndl
  • Kristyan Low
  • Louise Fitzgerald
  • Helen Stronach-Thatcher


  • Diane Dusting 
  • Martin Bray
  • Rosalina Da Silva
  • Caroline Owleny
  • Fiona Hay
  • Sina Velke
  • Samantha Powell
  • Emma Haddock
  • Kimberley Forbes
  • Mel Burnicle
  • Noni Smith

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